Critical Security Update for Internet Explorer

  Pesala 19:59 17 Jan 2004

This is a joke. Please do not take it too seriously.

click here

  powerless 20:06 17 Jan 2004

We don't do Jokes.

Helping is our job!

  Pesala 20:08 17 Jan 2004

People should be aware of the holes in IE.

  powerless 20:11 17 Jan 2004

Ok, so you said it was a joke and now your saying it is no joke.

There are holes in IE that are to be patched soon.

Let me guess you want us to use Opera? ;-))

  woodchip 20:17 17 Jan 2004

What holes it's a sive

  powerless 20:19 17 Jan 2004

Well it is the most widely used Browser so...


  Jerry J. 20:47 17 Jan 2004
  Taran 20:52 19 Jan 2004

On a serious note, I left one of my Toshiba notebooks running last night doing an automated install of SuSE Linux from the SuSE ftp site. I'd have normally run a manual install from my SuSE DVD but it was at my office and I wasn't, so...

As some of the older hands in the forum will know, I'm a Linux [and Apple Mac] fan as well as a Windows user and I regularly play with a lot of different software. I have always said that the better security of a properly locked down Linux box requires one thing: someone who knows how to lock it all down to begin with, since many of the tweaks and scripts are far from a walk in the park.

After I checked the install this morning and all was verified to be working, off I went in search of updates from the SuSE site. 92mb of mixed critical and suggested updates followed and this was straight after a clean install direct from the SuSE site. Did someone mention security ?

Software security is a myth, up to a point, and Internet Explorer is no more or less secure than a lot of other browsers I can think of. We only get to hear about it because so many of us depend on it. To put it into some sort of realistic balance though, I can remember some pretty spectacular updates and releases for other browsers and operating systems. In fact, more time and money has been invested in IE than probably all the other browsers put together.

Security updates will continue to haunt all software currently in use that is still uspported.

If 95% of the world used Red Hat Linux and Opera we'd all be joking about those two products and a few of us geeks would be playing with that 'also ran' Windows thingy produced by those quaint folks over at Microsoft...

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