A critical oversight by Microsoft with XP !!!

  Brazils 00:10 20 Feb 2003

I learnt a very big lesson today and I post this as a warning to other XP users. I won't go into the details, but today I started XP in Diagnostic mode from MSconfig. This stops all unnecessary services from running. Big mistake! One of the services stopped is System Restore, and guess who no longer has any restore points?

My question to Microsoft is that, as I was using diagnostic mode it is likely that I would want to Restore my PC to a previous occation. Taking into account all the silly warnings XP gives every time you do anything trivial, you would think that stopping such an important service and deleting all my restore points, would produce some sort of warning!

Lesson learnt. Be warned.

  Taran 00:21 20 Feb 2003

It could be argued that starting XP in Diagnostic Mode assumes a certain level of knowledge - part of which is that your Restore points will disappear.

As you say though, some warning or other obvious documentation would be useful to those who may not be in the know.


  User-312386 01:41 20 Feb 2003

are you sure that it has deleted all restorw points or has it just disabled sys restore?

Right click on "My Computer", click on system restore tab and ensure the box is not ticked that says "turn off system restore"


  Brazils 11:21 20 Feb 2003

I agree, but where does it warn anywhere in any documentation that this will happen. My point is that it seems an oversight by Microsoft. It was only after I returned to Normal Startup and took a good look, that I found out Restore was one of the services stopped by Diagnostic Mode. After all this mode does not stop all Services running. I find it also hard to understand why Microsoft chose to delete all restore points as a
response to stopping Restore. Could there not have been a choice to retain restore points?

  Brazils 11:23 20 Feb 2003

A result of stopping Restore even once is that you automatically lose restore points. Great eh!

  Taran 17:33 20 Feb 2003

I still disagree that this is an oversight, although as I've already mentioned, a warning or simple dialog box prompting you when performing this type of action would be welcome.

The whole point to System Restore is that it is either active - where Restore Points are taken and kept for future use - or it is not active - where no Restore Points are taken and none are saved.

It's an on/off only choice. It's worth noting that many PC users disable System Restore since it uses quite a chunk of hard disk space and also has a significant impact on the performance of some systems. Cleaning virus infections from saved Restore Points is sometimes problematic for certain antivirus software proucts, which is another consideration.

I never use System Restore.

If I want to restore a computer I run a Ghost or Drive Image recovery. Data backup is an entirely separate issue to the operating system and application software and a simple routine of backing up your work at regular intervals allows you to transpose it to any computer to work on.

While I will grant that System Restore can help people some of the time, it is no replacement for other backup strategies and it should not be relied upon.

Having said that, I'll repeat myself in that yes, I agree a warning of some description would be appropriate prior to allowing you to lose your restore points.


  User-312386 22:37 20 Feb 2003

Now thats a really good idea.

So if you uncheck the box, you lose all your restore points yeah?

I am off to try that


  User-312386 22:40 20 Feb 2003

What an idiotic idea i must say

Just done as you have said and a warning box pops up, saying that it will delete all system restore points.

That is silly if i say so myself

you would have thought that even if you switch it off it would save the restore points

bad move Microsoft


  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:57 20 Feb 2003

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  lacker 00:03 21 Feb 2003

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  Andÿ 03:40 21 Feb 2003

I think law 3 aplies to your link :o)

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