Creepy Text File in C:\

  stuntmaster 13:18 07 Mar 2004

lo everyone, i need some info, recently i have noticed a file called "Cheaters" in my C:\ drive when i open it it says "Windows Renabled" and is repeated about 6 times in a list, however i delete it, and then it appears some time later in the same place with only two quotes of "Windows Renabled" is there any info on it?



P.S i tried Spybot search & Destroy but to no avail i also tried ad aware but that dont work either.

  LastChip 13:32 07 Mar 2004

If you have these games on your machine, that's the reason!

  BBez 13:38 07 Mar 2004

have you got the games "Half Life" or "Counter-Strike" by Valve software installed. If so, click here When the page loads do a "ctrl + f" then in the search string type "Dear Valve: please stop putting a file on my hard drive called "C:\cheaters.log" that only contains "Windows renabled" over and over and over again." without the quotes.

  stuntmaster 13:40 07 Mar 2004

lol ill do that
and yes i do have counter strike installed with POD Bots

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