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  Rebuilt 15:05 06 May 2009

I replaced my fried motherboard and went to Vista Ultimate (32bit) at the same time about 18 months ago. Every has been fine until about 2 months ago when I noticed that my one USB hub was not working. It has an external power light and gets the green signal light during Power On but it then goes out. Sometime later I noticed the front panel USB was also not working (light goes out after Power on).
About the same time I found a problem with the screen vertical position. It had dropped about 5mm so that the status bar was mostly hidden. By adjusting the monitor itself I have managed to get it back to about 1.5mm drop (so useable).
The strange thing is that my USB keyboard and USB printer are both still working fine.
I can see nothing wrong in Control panel status (at least in the places I have looked) but I have no idea if this is an OS issue, a hardware issue or a BIOS issue. Does anyone have any ideas how to go about identifying & resolving this?

  woodchip 15:20 06 May 2009

Is this onboard Graphics? as if it is the Mobo may have gone again. but you can or may be able to fit a graphics card

  Rebuilt 12:35 07 May 2009

Yes - it is an onboard nvidia graphics chip. However that doers not explain the USB problem. When I think about it then I wonder if this a power level problem because :-
- Graphics work fine but with, maybe, a little less power.
- Direct USB (printer & keyboard) work OK.
- USB Hub does not work. OK, it has external power but maybe it also need more from the USB connection.
- The internal frontside panel is, for practical purposes, a powered USB hub.

If this is a power level problem then is this most likely a mobo problem or a PSU problem?

How would I go about diagnosing this without replacing one/both?

  woodchip 15:17 07 May 2009

First thing to try is a PSU with known good working PSU you can buy testers from Maplins, but the money could also go to a new PSU but thats up to you how you want to spend your money. Have you used a MuliTester to back Prob the ATX Plug for Volts, These should be within tolerance allowed. It may say on the PSU on how much tolerance + - volts.

Back prob means use black lead from Mulitester to PC frame red prob into back of ATX pins while connected and switched on click here

This gives Volts but that does not tell you what it will supply under use

  Rebuilt 10:12 04 Jun 2009

OK - I am still struggling with this. The problem is that I cannot pin down exactly when this started so I cannot relate it to any change OS maintenance. I don't want to start spending money on new equipment until I am sure that is what is needed so what I have done so far is :-

1. In BIOS setup I have checked the power levels and they appear to be fine.

2. I have checked device manager and there are no apparent problems.

3. I have noticed that the power light comes on the front panel and the hub until about half way though the Vista start up so it seems like a Vista issue (I have Vista 32 bit ultimate).

4. The screen position corrects itself as soon as I start up the Nvidia control panel. Again - this has the feel of being a Vista problem.

5. I have used Driver Detective to update 4 drivers that were back level - still no improvement.

I guess the next step is to start spending money on a new power supply unless anyone has any thoughts about Vista issues that may be the cause.

  PO79 12:21 04 Jun 2009

Try this:

Goto Device manager

Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers

Right Click USB Root Hub

Select Properties

Bring forward Power Management Tab

If "Allow Windows to turn off this device....." is checked, uncheck it

Repeat for all USB Root Hubs.

  Rebuilt 12:37 04 Jun 2009

Yes, Thanks for the thought. I have been there and they are all unchecked.

What I might do tonight is remove all the USB Device managers and do a reboot to see if it will recognise them afresh.

  Rebuilt 12:37 04 Jun 2009

Obviously - I won't remove the working keyboard

  Rebuilt 09:42 06 Jun 2009

My hunch that this is a Vista driver problem seems correct. What I have done is delete all my USB drivers and then restart (with my external hub unplugged).
This time the front panel power light stays on until almost the end of the device detection phase - then it goes out and the front port are dead.
I plug my external port in and it does the detection but the green active light never comes on and this remains dead.
What I did notice is that, during the detection, it seems to recover the previous drivers (including status) from before they were deleted. Why do I think this? because it sets up my printing drivers even though the printer is unplugged. Also, driver detective shows various drivers (USB scanner etc.) with their hub port number even though they are unplugged.

Is there any way I can completely clean down these drivers and any previous detected status so that I can start the scan again from scratch.

One point to note - I have a USB keyboard and I had forgotten that this has a mini (2 port) hub and this does detect devices.

  Rebuilt 20:49 09 Jun 2009

Got rid of the HX2LP Kit USB hub drivers.

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