credit card...transactions not mine ??

  Magik ®© 11:00 20 Jun 2003

hi, just got the credit card bill in, and two items are not mine, both in dollars, total over £700, rang the card company, and they said they will look into it......what happens now? do i have to somehow prove they are not mine, or what?
thanks for any help.....

i did post in consumer watch, but i think the door is locked :-(

  Jester2K II 11:01 20 Jun 2003

This happened to my brother. You will be given forms to fill in an there will be an investigation in the monor sense of the word. He didn't have to prove anything just declare it wasn't him...

  Jester2K II 11:02 20 Jun 2003

will be an investigation in the monor sense of the word


will be an investigation in the mInor sense of the word

Cat / keyboard interaction....

  Magik ®© 11:04 20 Jun 2003

thanks for that,

  Jester2K II 11:09 20 Jun 2003

Oh and declare that he hasn't leant his card to anyone, used it on unsecure sites etc etc. It might take some time to get the money back and you might have to kick the bank a bit.

We managed to find out the order detials for the "customer" using my brothers card. Is there anything on the statement to help you trace the company? Maybe if you can e-mail them too??

  Magik ®© 11:24 20 Jun 2003

the wife's card, she never buys on-line..but two bills,same day,same for £300 or so, one for nearly £400..

  stlucia 12:43 20 Jun 2003

If it's any comfort, the large card issuers usually react quickly to queried charges, and then give the charger a limited time to prove that you authorised them -- i.e. it's up to them to prove the charges are valid, not for you to prove that they are not valid. Then they'll either wipe the charges from your account, or they'll send you substantiation to "prove" that it's a valid charge.

  anchor 20:02 20 Jun 2003

I had this problem about 2 years ago. Barclaycard wrote to me before authorising an expensive web purchase from the USA, (which I had not made). They put a block on my card, and issued a new one.

This was in contrast to the experience of my French friend, whose card was used fraudulently following his visit to the UK. Purchases of £2300 were illegally made on his card, but his French bank were very difficult. After much discussion they finally agreed not to charge him.

  Bit 18:45 21 Jun 2003

I've just had the same problem with 3 transactions for £700 debited to my Visa account. The bank (Barclays) was very helpful, stopping the card and setting me up a new account, just in time to stop 2 more debits for £800 being authorised! I've just signed some forms saying I didn't authorise the debits etc. and they should be credited back within 2/3 weeks.

British banking law/practice says that if the cardholder still has the card in their possession they can't be held liable for any unauthorised transactions (unless they were 'negligent' which would be almost impossible to prove).
There?s a bit more info at this link if anyone?s interested. click here

Incidentally one of the debits was for £400 through and had only just been authorised so I (naively) contacted them to warn them it was a con and not to dispatch the goods. Amazingly they weren?t interested and refused to do anything because I didn?t know the email address and password that had been used by the fraudster to sign up/order with them!!! I find that really hard to believe because it?s them that will have to repay this amount to my bank.

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