Credit card details required on PCA why?

  LANDCRUISER 13:06 04 Jan 2007

i am running norton systemworks & firewall & when i try to move about on pca i get norton pop up asking if i want to send my cedit card details why would you want my credit card details as i not buying anything

  rodriguez 13:27 04 Jan 2007

PCA don't need credit card details for anything I don't think (unless you try and order a magazine subscription or something else) as it's a free membership. If these pop ups are from Norton, they probably want you to register you Norton Systemworks (if you are running a free trial or if it's about to expire). However it could just be a bogus site after your details (this is known as phishing), so don't put anything in it. Also, if you can right click the pop up and press View Source have a look for any URLs in the source code and see if any point to Symantec or Norton or whether there are some dodgy ones in there.

  LANDCRUISER 13:35 04 Jan 2007

hi rodriguez,i have registerd all my norton program,so this cannot be the problem,& as i buy every month pca i have not gone there,i have blocked sending creditcard details as i know that pca does not need this info

  dunk 21:55 04 Jan 2007

I have norton and if I recall correctly there is a function within Norton that allows the user to enter certain bits of private information they want protecting. It is called privacy control on the version I have. Norton monitors the infomation your computer is transmitting and displays a warning every it detects this information being sent.

If I recall correctly norton advise that you don't use your full credit card number but the last 6 of 8 digits.

I found this facilty is more trouble than it is worth because of the high number of false alerts.

For example say the last 6 digits of your credit card number was 270727

PC advisor and many other similar forms number each of their threads. The address of this thread is

click here

Both contain 270727 and hence you are getting a false warning.

  dunk 21:57 04 Jan 2007

sorry bottm bit should read

The address of this thread is ...

"click here"

Both contain 270727 and hence you are getting a false warning.

  LANDCRUISER 22:46 04 Jan 2007

your click here not work all it does is to bring me back to my thread

he is trying to illustrate that the URL of THIS thread contains the numbers 270727:

www .

  dunk 23:01 04 Jan 2007

yes I was, thanks guys

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