Credit card details over the internet and security

  Daibus 09:39 11 Nov 2006

I was just about to enter my credit card details etc into the site of FreeCall to buy credit for greatly reduced phone to phone calls.

However, I suddenly noticed that when I logged on via my name and password to buy credit, the page did not have a padlock showing in the URL.

When giving credit card details or similar over the internet is it essential to do via a page that has the padlock incorporated into it?

I always thought it was.

  FatboySlim71 10:04 11 Nov 2006

You are right to be cautious, You are right, you are best giving your card details out only via a secure (padlock) website, also when you are on a secure website it will show on the web address bar here, the s beside the p indicates that its a secure site as well, also right click on the web page and then choose properties, you should be able to view the sites security certificates and the expire dates of these as well.

If I were you I would definately not give my credit card details out unless it is a secure website. Did you access the site via entering their web address or did you access it via a link on an email, if you have done the latter, this could well be a link to a spoof/phishing site which look like the proper sites, with these sites they try to fool people into giving their card details etc out, the next think you will know is when you have unauthorised transactions appearing on your credit card statement.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:07 11 Nov 2006

If you are unsure as to your cards security I suggest you phone the company and stop all transactions on the card and ask for a new card.

  Daibus 11:50 11 Nov 2006

Many thanks for your replies.

I checked again with the particular site, which I obtained by entering from the the web, and the address bar does show Https.and a right click into properties shows it has 128 encryption. The certificate expires 20/3/2007

There is still no padlock shown but with above information I presume it should be safe to go ahead?

Cheers again.

  Stuartli 12:42 11 Nov 2006

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  yaesu 17:23 11 Nov 2006

I've just had a look at 2 sites I use and neither show a padlock in ie7 but both do in firefox, all entered manually ie not a link or from favourites. Both browsers show https though. Any comment?
Regards yaesu.

  FatboySlim71 22:35 11 Nov 2006

yaesu, You should start your own topic with your question, because if people know the answer to the question you have asked and reply to this post, Daibus will get emails for the replies to your question.

  Bogbrain 01:35 12 Nov 2006

Not ALL secure sites show a yellow padlock - however it doesn't mean they are insecure.

  Daibus 08:26 12 Nov 2006

I am based here in Spain so UK based call companies are not really open to me so that`s why VoIP initiated phone calls are so useful.

Information to check security certificates and expiry date etc very helpful but giving credit card details over the internet always seem somewhat risky though.

Cheers again for your help.

  keithlik 14:31 12 Nov 2006

Better not to give ANY personal details if you have doubts about a site. Genuine vendors will be only too pleased to give their address and telephone number etc if you are worried. Check them out.

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