Credit Card details on free sites

  gazmix 16:09 19 Dec 2006

Ok, so it's normal to ask for username & password on sites to join & become a member.
Some even ask for your address!
But these sites that i'm talking about that claim they are free to join also require Credit Card details!
Why is this when they say they are free??

This is understandable if your buying a service like a dating site or something on ebay or amazon, but when they say they're free!
Very fishy i think, even though it's paycom & the padlock appears!
What ya think.

  anskyber 16:10 19 Dec 2006

Can you give some lins as examples? Initial thoughts, stay clear.

  anskyber 16:10 19 Dec 2006

lins = links

  Technotiger 16:33 19 Dec 2006

Hi, sounds very verrry dodgy to me, I would advise you to stay well clear.

Merry Christmas

  xania 16:34 19 Dec 2006

Some sites claim to use the fact that you have a Credit Card as evidence that you are old enough to visit their site. If you trust them, all well and good, but if you don't then best stay away.

  Technotiger 16:36 19 Dec 2006

Googled - appears to be leading to porn, but I did not pursue the matter!

  postie24 16:52 19 Dec 2006

The site is free to join,but i think if you want a one to one with one of the girls on web cam you have to pay.Thats why they are asking for credit card details,just incase your silly enough to pay stupid amounts per minuite.

  yaesu 20:07 19 Dec 2006

Well, do you really need to ask ?!!!
Seasons greetings, yaesu

  gazmix 00:05 20 Dec 2006

yeh, she's a scammer trying to direct to other sites, she's been deleted from the site i visit!, (ocasionaly;)

  laurie53 09:32 20 Dec 2006

A lady (or not!) trying to get to your credit card is not a scammer, just a female! No, ladies, that's not meant to be sexist, it's just part of the normal difference, and long may it be so!


  gazmix 10:41 20 Dec 2006

The website in the previous post above was trying to get my credit card details & she was put on a dating site maybe as a 'mule' to get details custom & details. As i said if it's free, you shouldn't have to, maybe it's a security thing, like if you use profanity or something, they can tax your card!!

These sites aren't always dating, porn or anything that seems dodgy.
As i said i went on a pet health site & to join & post on their forums, they required CC details along with address etc.

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