Creative Zen Vision M player not visible on new pc

  Mbube 15:24 08 Aug 2007


I've already posted this in the Vista forum but I thought I would try here as well.

I have had a Creative Zen Vision M media player for about a year. With a Windows XP pc I ripped over 1600 songs on to the player using either Creative Media Explorer or Real Player. Unfortunately that pc crashed once too often and refused to reboot, so fed up with continous problems I bought an entirely new machine with Vista Home Premium.

Obviouslly I would like to be able to use it rip more cd's onto my Creative player. I have installed the original software and connected the player but it doesn't work. When I go into control panel and select device manager it shows the player and says it is working and that the appropriate driver is installed yet when I try to use Creative Media Explorer it says no player is connected please connect Zen Vision M. In fact if I try to open Media explorer with the player connected it doesn't open properly and if I try to close it it says not responding unless I disconnect the player then it works. I have tried using Windows Media Player and Real Player and the problem is basically the same.

I have contacted Creative support and installed some updated software as instructed but that didn't solve the problem. While waiting for another response from Creative I thought I'd try this forum before I go mad. Any help would be greatly appreciated, the player works perfectly well when not connected to my pc

Thanks in advance

  Al94 15:48 08 Aug 2007

click here problem looks like you need to update the firmware which I understand you can only do on an XP machine!

  Al94 15:51 08 Aug 2007

you can get it here click here

  Mbube 19:14 08 Aug 2007

Thanks but I don't have an XP machine that works so I can't download the firmware update (mine's the 30GB model)as there isn't one available for Vista at present. The software updates that I have downloaded are for vista which suggests that it should work on a Vista pc. Does anyone out there have a ZVM connected to a Vista pc, if I'd known I was going to have this problem I wouldn't have bothered getting Vista. I guess I will wait to see if I get another message from Creative but they only seem to respond in the middle of the night which is a nuisance.

Will keep trying thanks

  Mbube 22:53 13 Aug 2007

I have just spent a long time reinstalling XP on to an old hard drive which I thought was dead. The installation worked so I was able to update the firmware on my Creative player, thinking that would solve my problems with Vista ha ha!!

Now Creative Media Explorer still tells me my player is not connected, Vista tells me it's malfunctioning and the player itself freezes whenever I connect it to the pc and has to be reset. So if anything I am worse of and certainly no closer to getting it to work with Vista.

At least the player still seems to work ok when it's not connected to the pc. Although I'm starting to wonder why I didn't buy an ipod and why I had to get Vista I don't know. If anyone can help that would be great thanks

  Mbube 15:11 14 Aug 2007

Yes tried that, it took a little bit longer but it still crashed. When connected to this pc I get a message saying a USB device is malfunctioning when I click on the message it says try reconnecting and if that fails replace the device. Creative support have said that they cannot help me anymore unless I send them the player.

Well I would send it in for repair or even replace it if there was really something wrong with it, but there isn't as long as it's not connected to this Vista pc. To check that the firmware update hadn't messed it up I switched my ressurected XP pc back on connected the player and successfully ripped 4 cds. So as I say it only malfunctions when it's connected to this Vista pc despite having installed the software that Creative say should make it work with Vista.

Anyway While it would be more convenient to be able use this pc, I guess I will just have to keep using my XP pc to rip music etc, at least until it dies again. Unless anyone has any better ideas I don't know what else to do?


  Mbube 23:36 14 Aug 2007

If if followed you correctly Marg7 then Vista must be different because I cannot find anything about power management in device manager. I have a printer, a card reader and an external hard drive connected by USB which all work fine. I have disconnected all of them and then just plugged in the player but it makes no difference the player still crashes. The crashing problem only started to occur after I updated the firmware.

I can't believe there's anything seriously wrong with the player as it still works fine with XP or when not connected, so I guess it's more likely something to do with pc. When I get the oportunity I will try connecting it to someone else's Vista machine to see if it works then.


  2neat 23:46 14 Aug 2007

install microsoft virtual pc 2007 (free)
Then install old XP into virtual folder.
Install software on virtual pc & all should be well. You can drag n drop between vista & virtual xp. Good luck

  Mbube 10:01 15 Aug 2007

Thanks 2neat that sounds like an interesting idea I might try it once I'm sure I can't get it working any other way. Anyway would it solve the crashing problem at the moment trying to do anything is difficult because the player usually crashes as soon as I connect it. Creative support now tell me that they've never had a case like mine.

Generally I only connect the player to a pc in order to rip cds, I haven't started downloading music yet, so if I have to I'll go on connecting up my old XP pc. It's just rather frustrating that the player doesn't just work when I plug it in as it should do and as it does for other people. I am also consulting a Creative Zen forum and I have had lots of replies telling me how fantasic it is using the Zen Vision M with Vista.

  Mbube 13:43 15 Aug 2007

Ok I'm with you now, allow computer to turn off etc is not selected in either case, any other ideas thanks.

  Rose 14:18 15 Aug 2007

Hi Mbube, I know this won't solve your problem but you might be interested to know that I have a Creative Vision M 30Gb Player and have experienced no problem at all using it on a Vista Home Premium PC. I have never updated the firmware as I believe that the update disables the FM radio. I use the player on both XP and Vista PCs and use Creatives own Media Explorer software. I have also successfully used Windows Media Player 11 to organise my music but I prefer Creative Media Explorer. I would leave your player firmware alone and make sure you have the latest version of Creative Media Explorer installed. At the end of the day this player does work perfectly with Vista. Sorry I can't provide you with a solution.

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