Creative ZEN or IPOD ??? Your opinion.

  Craigmave 17:23 15 Mar 2004

Hi, what are your views on ZEN or IPOD, i need to make a decision, but need some experience to make this decision. All views welocme.

Many Thanks...

  bremner 17:39 15 Mar 2004

This is one of those questions where you are never going to get a definitive answer because those with Zens will extol its virues and those with iPods will do likewise.

Each machine has its pluses and minuses.

The Apple is more expensive - the Zen is heavier and not as pretty.

The opposion cry "the Apple has battery problems and they can not be replaced". The Apple fraternity say if you do have a problem the battery can be replaced and in any event the warranty is now two years.

IMHO you need to go and look at each - see what they do and which one grabs you.

The iRiver is getting good reviews at the moment and the mini iPod is due any time.

  Kate B 17:41 15 Mar 2004

iPod every time... quite apart from its sheer gorgeousness, it also has some extremely useful accessories available: the card reader which means you can use it to store pictures when you fill up your digital camera's card; the battery pack which means you can run it off four AA batteries if you're miles from a power source; the voice recorder ... need I go on? A thing of beauty and a joy forever.

  Kate B 17:43 15 Mar 2004

PS, I wouldn't bother with a minipod unless size and candy colours are important. It's only another £50 to get a 15GB full-fat iPod rather than the £200 4GB minipod.

  billyliv 18:58 15 Mar 2004

Hi, I have the 20Gb ZEN. It's OK., but the navigating wheel is a bit of a pain, it is far too sensitive. Apart from that, the sound quality is good. Cheers, Bill

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