creative zen firmware upgrade - problem!

  s4wrs 18:00 15 Oct 2006

Help please!
I am running a PC with Windows Home XP SP2.

I attempted a firmware upgrade to my Creative Zen mp3 player
upgrade ver 2.11.01. - the problem is, that as a result of attempting to run the firmware upgrade it claims my player is NOT connected, however, the player is recognised by my pC on connection via USB. Needless to say, the player itself is now wiped, enters recovery mode on reboot and claims a 'firmware problem'.

Details as follows:
I attempted the upgrade via a link from within Windows Media Player's help. The firmware software ZenTouchP4S_PCFW_LB_2_11_01.exe is saved in my PC'c 'Received Files' folder and appears to run properly in that it runs a wizard which stalls and displays a dialogue claiming 'Your player is not connected, please
connect your player'. Except, I can see the player is connected via
usb, which worked perfectly well before I started. Also the player is recognised within my pc's 'my
computer' and also through 'hardware manager' (which says the device is working properly!

The player itself boots up into 'recovery mode'
with 4 options. I have attempted running all 4
options - option 3 (reload firmware) looks to
be the favourite option, but it takes me back
into the above loop of 'device not connected'.

I have re-booted device and pc several times.
Help please! This is a brilliant device working
fully (and very well) up to now.

  bythor 18:03 15 Oct 2006

I have a micro, and when I had problems with it Creative support were very good, although mine was hardware related. Have you tried contacting them direct?

  dogbreath1 18:12 15 Oct 2006

I have a Creative Zen. The firmware from Creative is massively bloated, slow, overcomplicated and (in my experience) unstable.

So I ditched it and started using Sveta Portable Audio by dBpowerAMP. It's excellent. Moving music files between PC and your portable audio is a breeze! click here

If you manage to sort out your problem with the Creative firmware, fine...but if not, I strongly suggest that you check out Sveta!

  bythor 18:15 15 Oct 2006

Isn't the Sveta simply management software for use on the pc?

  s4wrs 18:20 15 Oct 2006

Yes have contacted creative support and they sent me an automated reply, quite comprehensive, but I had tried before all that they suggested . I have replied to them (just now) which should go to their tech suppport for a non - auto reply - I expect a reply through the week. I hoped someone on this forum had already hit the same problem and could suggest a quicker fix. Thanks

  bythor 18:30 15 Oct 2006

Yes, the forum is definitely a good starting place - maybe someone will pick this one up and help before creative get back to you. Best o luck.

  dogbreath1 18:39 15 Oct 2006


* Rip Audio CDs straight to your player no need to store them on your PC,
* On the Fly conversions have WMA files but your player only plays mp3? Sveta can convert whilst sending,
* Smart Conversions, tell Sveta which audio types should be recompressed or sent 'as is' (files below a certain bitrate),
* Simplicity sending Audio files, from within Windows Explorer right click on an Audio File >> Convert To >> [your portable]
* Sveta Explorer simple to use full screen device explorer, sort tracks by Artist, Album or Year **
* Edit ID Tags, Star rate tracks & Playlist Support **
* Copy Audio back to PC and arrange (order into folders) as required **
* Two way Audio Synchronize, with dBpowerAMP Audio Player synchronize newly ripped audio files,
* Integration with dBpowerAMP family, dBpowerAMP the must have audio program - Sveta integrates seamlessly.

  s4wrs 17:47 25 Mar 2007

Sorry folks, have only just spotted this thread is still open and it should be closed!

The outcome was that Creative online support were marvellous and after a couple of weeks of exchange of emails they authorised a full replacement of my Zen. The even better news was that they did not have an exact replacement available, so upgraded my replacement. Given the Zen was 2 year old, I call that a very good result AND FULL MARKS TO CREATIVE.

I will certainly buy from then again ! - In fact we have, a small 4 gig device for my wife to use at her training centre.

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