Creative Labs Inspire 5.1 5300 Speakers -no sound.

  Hong 17:35 04 Oct 2005

Following my previous posting on this problem on 27/9 and after suggestion by Cdstowe I determined that the ON/OFF/Volume switch was faulty. After jiggling the control the sound came on.
However it has now failed completely.
Creative Labs have now told me that they don't do spare parts for out of warranty items, ( it is 2 1/2 years old )
Any suggestions for either repair or spare part?


  amonra 17:40 04 Oct 2005

Volume controls are fairly standard items and easily obtained from a source such as Maplins. If you can handle a soldering iron or know someone who can, it shouldn't take you more than half an hour to change.

  amonra 17:45 04 Oct 2005

Second thoughts, if it's only the on/off switch that's gone, bridge the two wires on the back of the on/off switch , and use the switch on the wall socket.

  Hong 19:40 04 Oct 2005

I had the control apart and there are lots of wires and a small circuit board.
It is also a FRONT/REAR balance adjuster. It plugs into the back of the powered Woofer.
I will have a look at Maplin.

  Kenneth-266656 20:22 04 Oct 2005

As a PCB and dual function is involved it looks as though you will have to get hold of an indentical replacement - with all the hassle that will involve. Isn't this typical of the computer industry. Would anyone buy a car if they knew that no spares would be available after the guarantee ran out?
Don't know how expensive these units are but that's not the point!

  Hong 09:09 05 Oct 2005

You are right, but where on earth does one find an identical spare. I think it is a scandal that Creative expect me to throw away six perfectly good Speakers for tha sake of part worth a few pounds.

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