Creative Gigaworks S750 system...

  Gaz 25 22:33 13 Sep 2004


You may remember my post asking opinions on the system. However, I decided to purchace it since it was pretty cheap at Amazon recently.

It's arrived today and I have played all the music I tend to listen to on it. It does indeed sound very good.

However, there are two problems...

1) At moderate to high volumes with medium setting on bass, with cirtain frequences the port creates a loud chaff, like port noise - even most probably parts inside viabrating. I have ruled out the objects in the room that viabrate and the bass is audiable outside too. I have read that the system does hyper ventilate at times when a low note is chucked at it, the port, not the speaker stuggles to let this tension and pressure out thats generated from the low note.

Not that this is a serious problem as it's bound to shake objects in the room at that level of volume, so It isnt any different if its emmited from the subwoofer. However I cirtainly dont want to damage the speaker system and I am worried that if it is chaffing am I reaching its limits? If so, it dont quite sound like 210 watts, but anyway.

2) The bass is too overwhelming, even on minimum. The satelites seem a little faint.

I have 'tuned' them up, but it seems its all about bass this system. It's just deep and extreamly boomy. The subwoofer crossover is variable via Creative's sound card and that resolved the boom created by anything above 80Hz.

The subwoofer now only reproduces notes down from 80Hz.

Even still, the subwoofer is just too powerful, even on it's lowest setting.

I know it sounds a bit contradictory, that I said it does'nt sound like 210watts, but its still lound enough to shake the room, albeit with some really loud port sounds.

It's not a damaged subwoofer becuase when its any less volume it sounds fine. No rattle.

Just when its loud, rattle rattle, huff, and puff.

I think you gotta expect that from low notes though.

I might set my EQ for anything less than 35Hz to be cut, becuase on music it's too bassy, and its subsonic - really low. Somewhat boring after a while, very much like playing a CD through a Cinema system, its ok for movies.

The questions are:.

Any way to reduce port noise?

Am I reaching the subwoofers limits, or simply just the enclosures? With it being a distored sound when port noise is emmited, its hard to tell if there is speaker distortion. It is to be noted that a review mentioned port noise on tests, at 31Hz, but not during music. However Jazz can contain a few lows, and some latest music also does.

How can I gain more trebble and mid?


Bass Vol: 1
Trebble Vol: 7
Subwoofer location, side of desk near corner. I realise this enhances bass, but if it makes the subwoofer works less and less port noise, great! Even still I get port noise though. P/N that only at moderate to high volumes.


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