creative fx5600 problems with new drivers.

  grabster 19:41 25 Jun 2005

I have a 128mb creative fx5600 graphics card ,which serves me well apart from the fact that it doesnt like using updated drivers.
I am using v. 52.16_win2kxp dated 2003 i believe, but when i try to update all goes well untill i start to play games, for example, GTA-SA , juiced and americas army ( any version of this) The display goes blocky and pixelly, i follow the correct procedure when installing,ie: uninstall old drivers first, rebooting etc...
any one else have this problem or know how to get rid of it ? i even had a similar problem with my old mx440 card.
Is it an nvidia thing because i would be unlikely to buy an nvidia card again ,one dodgy card is bad enough, two is bang out of order.
ive used these cards on two different systems so its unlikely to be a software problem at my end.

  citadel 19:58 25 Jun 2005

Try using signed drivers, if you play games a lot it would be better to upgrade to a 6600gt.

  grabster 18:40 26 Jun 2005

using signed drivers doesnt make any difference, and i dont want to upgrade a card which isnt broken .
anybody else have similar problems to mine ?

  De Marcus 18:44 26 Jun 2005

'I am using v. 52.16_win2kxp dated 2003 i believe,'

As far as I'm aware these are quite old drivers, are you saying that you have tried the most recent Version: 77.72 Release Date: June 22, 2005 WHQL Certified, and it left you with your current problem?

  grabster 19:56 26 Jun 2005

Yep, the problem persists still.
I have tried them all from the most recent right back to the one i use and the problem occurs with the games i mentioned.
All the support lines / people just tell me to roll back till i found one that works,no mention of what the problem is though.

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