Creative Audigy 5.1 problem

  aitch2 17:08 29 May 2007

I lost the sound on my computer(WinXP+SP2). I checked all components of the Creative/ Audigy 5.1 set up, and had no conflicts on the system and all devices working correctly. I then tried to do a speaker test but it would not let me choose the 5.1 set-up, and stayed on the 2-speaker set up. This worked and gave me back the sound. However after inserting another CD, I lost the sound again. I checked through Device manager and followed through Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Magager/Sounds,video controllers, then high-lighted the CreativeSB audigy which told me that the device is working properly confirming the previous messages. I then checked the driver and chose my location to re-install. After restarting the computer I the found that I ended up with the same symptoms as before and I still could not choose the 5.1 speaker set up to do my tests. I have subsequently uninstalled and done a clean re-install and the problem still exists. Any futher help or suggestions much appreciated,

  James1947 18:23 29 May 2007

Have you tried Control Panel\Sounds & Audio Devices\Advanced and selecting 5.1 from there as sometimes SB software takes these settings.

  Modo 18:25 29 May 2007

Assuming you have checked everything in Sounds & Audio Devices in Control Panel??

Have you tried to go back to when it was working with "System Restore"? Sounds like you know what you are doing but be sure that you have the right settings in the Audio Tab - not a Skype phone or something else exotic.

I had the same symptoms after the automatic updates the week before last.

The drivers and software with the Creative cards can be very fickle. If you don't reload everything and update in the correct order - whatever that is they can be difficult.

I reformat and rebuild from base up every Christmas and it is always the Creative Sound Card that is the last thing I get back to full functionality.

  aitch2 18:46 29 May 2007

James 1947. Have tried the suggestions but unfortunately the advanced box is greyed out so cannot access it.
Modo. Have tried system restore but the problem remains. Have also not allowed the 'digital speakers' to be enabled. I update every week, although currently I am having a separate problem with Norton. Therefore I am using Windows firewall and a combination of Ad-aware and Spybotware until the Norton situation is resolved. Not ideal but is the best I can do at the moment.
i do not have any conflicts on the system, and am now wondering if the soundcard is on the way out, although this is the first time I have had any problems with Creative. Thanks both for the help.

  James1947 18:53 29 May 2007

Okay, now the obvious question, have you double checked all the connections on the rear of the card are connected properly, and the connections to the sub-woofer are all securely connected.

  aitch2 21:03 29 May 2007

Thanks James, I agree with the obvious. All connections secure and Ok.

  realist 21:23 29 May 2007

It may be worth checking you have the correct up-to-date drivers: click here.
I had along-standing problem with my Creative X-FI card which was only solved when I tracked down the proper drivers after being mis-directed by Evesham.
On another occasion I lost all system sound for no apparent reason and found the solution here: click here though I don't pretend to know why it worked!

  aitch2 17:48 30 May 2007

Realist. Tried both links and vey informative. Un-installed and re-installed (as previous)and was able to get 2 speakers (+subwoofer)working out of the 5.1set up. Balance Ok. However, tried another CD and had no sound at all(nothing wrong with CD) so I went chasing the Creative site. Drivers all Ok and no available updated drivers for what I have. Visited link to Kellys-Korner and in one instance could not find the suggested 'ctsurmix.exe' file and then I bottled out when further investigations led me to Registry etc. Another link led me to selective start-up (no problems) and then that led me to 'Audio Codecs' so have not proceeded any further as I feel now this is getting a little too deep for my knowledge. I have been sitting down for some time to do this, after an earlier safety course in work, so I think it's time for a good stiff whisky or a couple of valium. I've already got the grey hair! Thanks for the help.

  Modo 19:18 30 May 2007

You did mention a speaker test - have you used the testing program that Creative provides - Diagnostics?

That said if System Restore didn't get it back then it is likely to be hardware related. Certainly reduces the likelihood of lost drivers or a conflict being the cause - likely but by no means certain.

Oh and another "assumption" - you have tested sound from other than the CD player - the Creative Diagnostics program of course covers that question?! But the repeated mention of inconsitent CD performance does beg that question.

If everything else has failed it is worth a go at trying a different slot on the mobo?

  aitch2 12:20 31 May 2007

Modo. Tried Creative Diagnostics and all came back with 'Passed'.
System Restore has been tried but that wasn't successful either. Tried the CD and the DVD and they work OK, but no sound. I do get a click of sound when I switch the speakers on and off, and I do not have any sounds if I try to set up associated sounds for asterisks etc.
Also tried Winamp, and Reaplayer and the same problems exists.
I am now inclined to think that it's going to be a new Sound Card. I did look inside the computer out of curiosity, but did not touch or alter anything, because I would know what I was doing so would rather leave it to someone who does. At least I got rid of the dust!
Thanks for the help and suggestions,

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