Creating a thumbnail gallery in frontpage

  erkmatrix 12:58 19 May 2004

Is it possible to create a thumbnail gallery in frontpage, I putting together a artists site and want to add at least 24 pictures on a page but put into some sort of gallery instead of adding each picture singularly.

Is it possible?


  erkmatrix 13:07 19 May 2004

forgot to mention I'm using Frontpage 2000

  Taran 14:19 19 May 2004

To save me loads of typing, there is a good overview tutorial on FrontPage 2000 on the Microsoft site:

click here

It includes basics of image handling from which you can develop your own image gallery.

Later versions of FrontPage have a dedicated template page built in for image galleries, but FrontPage 2000 does not have this feature.

It can create autothumnails of any images though, which is a drop dead handy feature. Insert an image, click on it to highlight it which also calls up the Pictures toolbar. Now click on the AutoThumbnail icon and your image is reduced to a thumbnail of the original with a hyperlink automatically created to the main image. It's a good basis to work from, and you can adjust the hyperlink setup to open the image into a new browser window if you like.

For a dedicated image gallery with Back, Next and Home buttons you may have to look to a third party program if you don't want to manyally add a lot of links yourself.

IrfanView is free and can generate web image galleries with navigation links.

Any of the high end image editors like the superb and vastly underrated Ulead PhotoImpact, Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop and so on can also produce image galleries for the web, complete with all pages and navigation. You can easily import the results into your FrontPage web and tweak their appearance to suit.

The FrontPage 2000 tutorial can be downloaded complete for you to use on your own PC if you don't want to follow the online pages. You can grab it from this link click here and it runs a self-extracting installation to put a web root folder with all the content you need to follow the tutorial. In fact, the material for the tutorial as well as the tutorial itself can both be found in the same root folder.

  erkmatrix 14:58 19 May 2004

Oh great how do I go about using Photoshop to reate a gallery then import it, I've not really used photoshop much before and wouldn't no where to start.

cheers Phil

  Taran 16:59 19 May 2004

All the instructions you need are in the Adobe help files.

Adobe Photoshop >> Help >> Designing Web Pages >> Creating Web photo galleries (Photoshop)

Once you read and understand what it is you are doing, play with it a few times to get the hang of it all.

When you're happy with your output, either use:

FrontPage >> File >> Import >> Import web wizard. Browse to the folder your gallery was made in and import the whole lot to FrontPage.


Create a new folder for the gallery to live in then click once on the folder to highlight it.

FrontPage >> File >> Import then use the Add File, Add Folder or From Web options to pull the files in.

You'd be best off creating a gallery folder in your FrontPage web because all of the graphics packages will produce the gallery as a self-contained mini-site with an index.html page. To prevent having to update all the links in the gallery or from having the gallery index page conflicting with your existing site page, just drop the whole gallery into a dedicated folder.

Job done.

  erkmatrix 22:41 19 May 2004

I tryed the photoshop gallery Taran and thanks so much for the help, didn't look as good as I'd thought the thumbnails when clicked only opened small on the screen, I wanted something where to click on them would open up another window to show the pic in full size.

Does IrfanView create such a gallery, I've used it as a picture viewer and impressed but didn't know you could create a gallery to be imported to a website, how does it work please?


  Taran 23:27 19 May 2004

Double check th epost above which walks you through it in brief.

To recap:

Insert your main image onto the page. Click on the image to highlight it which calls the Pictures toolbar into view at the bottom of the program window.

Click on the AutoThumbnail icon and your image is reduced to a thumbnail of the original with a hyperlink automatically created to the main image.

If you right click on the thumbnail and select the hyperlink properties you can edit how the link works. Selecting the Target Frame >> New Window option will open the main image into a new browser window. If you want to control the size of the browser window you have to start adding JavaScript.

If you hunt through the threads in this very forum you'll find a thread by Pesala with a link to one of his IrfanView thumbnail gallery tutorials.

Photoshop can create some quite nice results but it's like anything: to get the best out of it you have to go in kowing what you want, and you have to know how to get it.

A close friend of mine is a very good graphics designer. She used to tease me for using Ulead PhotoImpact as much as I do, until she saw me in full swing with it one day. Now she uses it as well and, like me, she switches between several different programs regularly to get the end result.

It all boils down to knowing what you want, and then either learning about your software or knowing how to do it already.

You could always just do things the old fashioned way. Prep all your main images to the size you want them to be when displayed. Make thumbnails using batch conversion to speed up your workflow in Photoshop or let IrfanView do it for you. Create a simple table on one of your web pages and manually add your thumbs. Create hyperlinks to them manually and add the relvant JavaScript to open them into a new browser window in the size and relative screen position that you want.

Or you can use the autothumb feature of FrontPage...

New browser window resources and code examples for you:

click here

click here

And a tutorial dedicatedx to new browser windows from FrotnPage that size to the image they display: click here

Try a Google search for 'new browser window' and you'll get almost five million hits. One of them will probably do the business.


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