Creating Thumbnail Galleries in Irfan View

  Pesala 18:52 13 May 2004

I just updated my Irfan View Help site. Take a look and see if you can understand how to make a thumbnail gallery from my explanation: click here

  Taran 21:50 13 May 2004

"A very common request is to create a page of thumbnails images for a website with links to full-sized images."

This should either read "...create a page of thumbnail images..." or "...create a page of thumbnails..."

You put an 's' on thumbnails.

The tutorial itself looks good and seems simple enough to follow. Some of your pictures are a little grainy though, and could maybe be higher resolution. If you're worried about page load speed there is enough information on the page to warrant splitting it.

One comment I do have is that you've used capital letters for your file and folder names and the tutorial is in a folder called Irfan View, with a space between the words. This is translated into the URL as .../Irfan%20View/... with a whole lot more capitals. Although it shouldn't cause issues, it may. Just thought I'd mention it.

The tutorial looks good though.

Well done.

  Pesala 06:12 14 May 2004

The images are a bit grainy because I have reduced them by 50% to fit the page layout. They are only for illustration purposes. As long as the dialogue boxes are not fuzzy, I'm happy. I would prefer to keep my pages as streamlined as possible. I reduced one image to 16 colours and changed others from GIF to JPG to reduce file sizes. JPG is not as sharp as GIF for screenshots, but it is a lot smaller. I tried PNG, but it was bigger.

Changing the page names to lower case might be a bit awkward. I couldn't see an option in NOF's publication settings, though there is one for HTML. The default is Uppercase. If I change the names the link won't work where I have posted it. Who might have issues with this?

The images are from "A Virtual Art Museum" click here Since they are used just for illustration I doubt whether there would be any problem, but I should put a link to the author's site. This is what they say:

"I do not mind if you use some of my scans at your site as long as you follow these rules:

1) Only use UP TO 10 scans.
2) Always give me a name credit AND a link (The main thing keeping this site on the web are my advertising banners located at the top of the pages. If people don't visit my site and the banners don't load then how can I afford to keep updating the site?)."

Though I am not using the scans as fine art, I should perhaps put a link, but I may change the images instead. As my tutorial shows, it is very easy to do. The hard bit is choosing the right images.

  Forum Editor 06:57 14 May 2004

with upper case in filenames?

Unix is case sensitive. In a Unix environment, upper and lower case letters are recognized as different filenames. Many web server will not recognize directory index filenames that include capital letters. It's always good practice to name all files using lower case, and to include no spaces, so that a file called Peter's pix would be named: peters_pix

  Taran 08:17 14 May 2004

NetObjects 7 onwards uses lower case page names by defalt and also splits multiple word pages by adding an underscore for you, like this:


our_services.html, etc....

Folders may be added, removed and renamed in the Publish view and if you rename one it is updated throughout the site by NOF.

Earlier versions of NOF, from memory, also use lower case filenames by default, but folders are where you can trip up.

I know that custom names were supported in NOF MX, so I suspect if you hunt around a bit you'll also find a swift resolution to your capital letters and namespacing issue which, as Forum Editor details, is certainly something to be concerned about.

Many modern browsers can still trip up over capitals and spaces being translated into a URL and web servers also have their issues. And the longer the URL, the more chance there is for issues to arise translating it. Put the two together and...

That's why I mentioned it to begin with.

Don't you have any personal snapshot images you could use ? If not, how about asking a willing friend to take a dozen landscapes with a digital camera for you ?

No copyright to worry about and just as useful for demonstrating your tutorial.

  Pesala 08:58 14 May 2004

click here

All looking sharper now as I physically resized the windows to suit my page rather than using software to resize the images. Saved as JPG or GIF as appropriate.

I remember the file_name thing in earlier versions of NOF, but I didn't find it yet in Fusion MX. I'll try to sort that out later. The folder name can be changed in Publish Settings, but all I can find is an option for HTML Tags and attributes, where the default is Uppercase. AFAIK this relates to the source code, not filenames and directory names.

  Pesala 09:05 14 May 2004

Adding a new page in NOF MX the title is "Untitled2" so Title Case seems to be the default. I really don't want to change that, as every page on my main site is named in that way. Renaming two word names, if I have used any, would be easy. Nobody complained of any problems accessing my website yet, except where I have moved pages.

I know, most people just go away if they cannot access the site, rather than complaining, but I should have had at least one complaint by now if it is a real problem.

  Pesala 09:12 14 May 2004

click here

A long URL with capitals, and extended ANSI characters.

  Pesala 09:28 14 May 2004

I like the way that Irfan View can include almost any information about the image on the thumbnail page, but how do I get this on the enlarged image's page?

There are some templates in \Program File\Irfan View\HTML\ but I don't know how to edit them. The caption seems to be generated by the #TITLE# field in the template. Any tips on how I might include IPTC information here as I can on the thumbnail page?

  Taran 09:48 14 May 2004

"Adding a new page in NOF MX the title is "Untitled2" so Title Case seems to be the default."

All version of NOF over the past few years do this. In site view, when you right click on an existing page and select the option to add another page, it always enters into the site navigation as Untitled2, or whatever number follows on from the last page entered or created.

If you preview or publish the site though, you will find that Untitled2 is resolved by NOF into a page called untitled2.html and if you renamed your Untitled2 page in site view to Home Page it will, when published, become home_page.html

Controlling your folder names is something else though, and should be looked into to be on the safe side.

Your images are far clearer now and make the whole tutorial look more professional. They are also, if you don't mind me saying so, far more interesting now, or they are IMHO.

  Pesala 10:05 14 May 2004

It doesn't matter at all if the folder names are in upper case as long as I am using a Unix Server.

Since I am not changing my server I don't need to change the folder names, right? If I do need to change my server at some point in the future, I would soon find out that it didn't support Uppercase folder names when I tried to upload my site. Then I would have to do something about it.

As far as my site visitors are concerned, would users on Linux or Macintosh have problems browsing it because of the uppercase folder names?

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