creating a simple flash file

  JP Isleworth 12:35 19 Feb 2007

I have a text box, a picture that relates to that, another text box and then a pic that relates to that - i want to have 30 seconds between each pic - can someone explain how I create a simple flash file for a website using flash8 - any hep appreciated - don't use flash so need basic reply

  moore_mat 15:35 19 Feb 2007

click here

Which seems to be a freeware gallery for Flash.

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  JP Isleworth 15:56 20 Feb 2007

Thanks, the link is useful but I just need someone who knows flash to let me know how to easily display 4 seperate pictures that move change after 15 seconds to the next pic...anyone know how i set the fla file up to easily do this?

  mco 16:35 20 Feb 2007

do a google search for a javascript slideshow (that you can adjust the timing for) and do it that way (making your text boxes as jpgs) You'd just need to edit the javascript code (easy; I know; I've done it and I'm no coder) and it will have the same effect.

  Sloper69 19:51 20 Feb 2007

You could transfer pics into windows movie maker (v.easy to use); make a movie and place movie in web page to run automatically.

  ScanJet 21:03 20 Feb 2007

Try this.....

Open a new flash file and import each pic you want into the library. Drag each pic to the stage in turn and then click / right click / convert to symbol(movie clip)- any name is ok and this will put it in the library as a small clip. Remove the pic from the stage.

On the main timeline just click on first frame and then drag the first movie clip required to the stage and position as required. Add new keyframes at lets say 50 frame intervals and just click on the symbol to select it / swap button (bottom left) to change the movie clip to the next needed.

Test movie and you should have a result. You can add layers and introduce fading etc if needed.

Hope this helps.

  JP Isleworth 12:15 21 Feb 2007

Scanjet that's just what I there a nice way to end the seems to judde from slide 4 back to one again even though the images are in the same place for all four frames

Thanks again

  JP Isleworth 16:19 21 Feb 2007

all done many thanks for all who replied - appreciated

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