Creating a shared folder over the internet

  alextjtaylor 12:40 13 Aug 2004

Hi guys,

I'm trying to work out a way to share some files between 3 people over the internet. We're working as a team from home on some documents (Excel and Word) and we don't have LAN available, and we're getting snowed under with duplicates and various versions of the same files which we're working on collaboratively and sometimes simulataneously.

At the moment we're emailing the files back and forward and hoping that the other one spots the updates and adds them to their copy, but we're wasting a lot of time and there have been dozens of bits that have been droppped - you can imagine the amount of time this takes up trying to check everythng continuously.

We have lots of spare disk space with our website hosting package (1&1 Home) - could we use this somehow? We've seen the sharing feature of Excel but it hasn't done much for us and we don't really trust it to put everything together properly.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks, Alex

  TomJerry 12:48 13 Aug 2004

Since you have access of a ftp server (1&1 host). You can create a web/ftp folder on your PC. Click "My Computer", Click menu item "Tools" select "Map Network Driver". Then click example, it will show you how to do it. 3 of you just do the same thing, you can have the same web/ftp folder on your PCs.

Please check security arrangement, make sure only 3 of you can access the ftp account.

  alextjtaylor 11:23 19 Sep 2004

Thanks TomJerry!
I had to fiddle around with the Advanced Tab under internet options, but it's working fine now.
One question about security though - how can I prevent other people accessing the folder, or spiders crawling around it. Is there some way to password protect it, or is the ftp password enough?
Thanks again,

  Pesala 12:26 19 Sep 2004

You could just archive the document with a password. That will save on upload and download time too.

  TomJerry 21:20 19 Sep 2004

It can only be set by people who provide you with a FTP server.

An alternative is to set up a FTP server on your own machine and let other to have access to it.

  alextjtaylor 21:52 20 Sep 2004

Thanks again - I think I've been able to set the security settings with 1&1's control panel.... :0/
Is it normal that I can't save the changes back directly to the ftp directory and it only opens in an explorer window? Is there any software that can let me use the shared folder as a normal folder on my computer? we're back to having poliferating copies of the same document and crossed-lines again... :0(

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