creating a 'restore' CD

  TBH1 21:08 03 Jun 2003

With my old PC I got a restore CD - - - any problems with the system I could restore via this and not only would it recover the system, but all relevant drivers too. Is there a way of creating one of these ?
I have finally got my system back after a hard disc failure and would hate to go through all that again - - -now if I had a CD of what my system is right now, life would be so much easier.
If thats not possible, what exactly requires backing up to ensure successful restore inclusive of system and drivers ??

  jimv7 21:19 03 Jun 2003

Norton Ghost.

Install ghost, run the programme, create boot disk, restart computer, boot from floppy into ghost, follow onscreen prompts to create an image from 'select source' ie 'c' drive where to save image to, ie cdrw, it will ask for extra cd's if needed.

Or, run ghost 2003 from within windows, and do the same, windows will restart boot into ghost and create the required disks.

there is also an option to make cd's bootable with ghost as well.

I use it all the time, in fact have recently made an image of my 'c' drive of 4.5gig burnt to a dvd using ghost, it made 4 images on the dvd.

  zaxpop 21:26 03 Jun 2003

Ghost is definitely great. make sure you get a recent version (not necessarily the latest) that will make a boot disl with cd drivers. otherwise, use your win98 start up disk to boot with cd drivers enabled and then put in ghost floppy at a: prompt type dir when ghost floppy is in drive it weill tell you which command to type to start ghost

  TBH1 21:32 03 Jun 2003

thanks for prompt responses here - - - am sure I have Ghost somewhere, will start reading up on it.

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