Creating recovery discs

  bturner 19:21 31 Mar 2011

I have just bought a new Desktop PC and it came with Windows 7 pre-installed so I have no discs if there should be a problem in future.

When I bought a laptop a while ago I was prompted to make the 3 recovery discs but this time I was not prompted.

I went to Start, control panel, action center, backup and restore, and it asked for a disc which I inserted. This was completed successfully.

Is this the same as making recovery discs? It only took one disc for the back up procedure.

  northumbria61 19:26 31 Mar 2011

"I went to Start, control panel, action center, backup and restore" - if you then clicked on "Create a System Repair Disc" then you will have succesfully completed.

  robin_x 20:09 31 Mar 2011

No. That is just a Windows 7 Startup Repair disc that can allow running Recovery Partition from the main HDD.
So if your HDD is ever replaced or Recovery Partition corrupted or deleted, it is no use to get back to Factory Settings.

Depending on manufacturer, the Recovery Partition can also be saved (once) on 3 additional DVDs.

Google "YourModel YourManufacturer How to make recovery discs"
Or tell here.

In any event, while the discs should be made and kept safe, a System Image + Another Boot Disc is also very useful instead of Factory Settings.

If you have an external HDD it is the best way to keep safe and recoverable. (Operating System/Data/Settings/Drivers and Apps)

click here

  bturner 20:18 31 Mar 2011

Thanks for the replies.

I did as you suggested northumbria and created a system repair disc. It was successful and a message came up telling what the recovery disc could be used for.
Strange thing is it only took one disc to complete.

My laptop took 3 discs to store all the information.

  ventanas 22:18 31 Mar 2011

Post your make and model here and it should be possible to find out how to do it.
I have three Win7 machines (two laptops and an all in one desktop) All three took three dvd's to make the recovery discs, so that would appear to be the norm for Win7.
I also made three copies for each machine. (Call me paranoid if you wish)and I keep two system images.

  bturner 08:21 01 Apr 2011

Thanks for the help.

The model is "Packard Bell oneTwo L D6125UK"

Not the reason I bought it but it looks like it has the ability to be used as a TV as it has 1 x VGA analogue output, but it is so well hidden I can't find it. Looked everywhere.

  sharpamat 08:27 01 Apr 2011

Whilst this can change dependant on makers the easy way to find it

Go to the menu useing and select Help and support
When this opens Type Create recovary disks then follow the instructions

I belive 3 discs are the normal

At a guess I think the disc you created ( system repair disc ) is for recovary from saved backups ects not a restore to factory settings ( as it was when it came out of the box )which I think is what you are looking for

  Terry Brown 08:27 01 Apr 2011

Although a revory disk is useful,any work you may have on the machine will be lost when (if) you need to use one.

A better option is to make a full backup of the whole machine,which will include your operating system and data files, with regular mini backups of your data files.
Use a program like Acronis free or similar for this job.


  bturner 10:53 01 Apr 2011

Thanks for the help Terry,

Sharpamat, I went to the help and support section and typed "create recovery discs" but there is no section for that.

There is a "create system repair disc".

The options I have in control panel, action center, are
1) Create a system image
2) Create a system repair disc
3) Create a new, full back up.

I just created a system image, it took a long time and filled 4 discs.

I will create a system repair disc when I buy some more discs later today (I ran out).

I created a full backup yesterday.

  bturner 11:17 01 Apr 2011

Google "how to make a recovery disc in windows 7" I found this site,

click here

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