creating a it possible

  Andy-2004 17:00 30 Jan 2004

i was wondering if i could create my own programme....

I was wondering because it would mean i could (hopefully) put everything I want into one programme...

More pacifically i was hoping to make one based around a music player

Os windows xp pro

Any site would be gr8

Regards Andy

  sciguyryan 18:15 30 Jan 2004

Sure it is possible. What language do you intend to write it in? C, C++, C#, VB?

  Andy-2004 18:25 30 Jan 2004

dono what do u sujest

(to be honest i dont evn know what they r)

  Andy-2004 18:25 30 Jan 2004

dono what do u sujest

(to be honest i dont evn know what they r)

  Andy-2004 18:30 30 Jan 2004

Could u even direct me to a web site

(btw i didnt mean to post that twice)

  VoG II 18:37 30 Jan 2004

Visual Basic is probably as good a language as any if you're just starting off click here

If you have Microsoft Office, that has Visual Basic for Applications which you could have a play with.

  Rennaissance 18:53 30 Jan 2004

why not take a programming class somewhere? Tbh programming is pretty difficult. Im doing delphi programming atm.

  Andy-2004 19:10 30 Jan 2004

i may do so

but i think id rather learn from here

Any one else know any good places to lern it..u know step by step

  VoG II 19:15 30 Jan 2004

You'll need to decide which programming language you wish to learn unless you intend to become a polyglot.

What sort of programs do you want to create? Games, utilities, calculators, ...

Teaching yourself to program is not easy. The advice to take a course, if only to get you started, is good. I speak from experience.

  Belatucadrus 19:45 30 Jan 2004

click here , click here , click here , click here for some free compilers in Pascal, C++ & VB

click here , click here , click here and click here for some tutorial sites.

As has been said you aren't going to pick this up overnight and a music player isn't a good starting point. Check out a local college or something and get advice as to what is the best package, then get on a course.

I left Delphi out because it's a proprietary language belonging to Borland. It's good, but there aren't any free compilers so you'd have to pay up and that may be a little premature.

  skeletal 20:44 30 Jan 2004

You can do anything with a computer once you learn to program (I reckon with external sensors and actuators you could even...oops FE may delete this!!). My preference is VBA because I use Office so much (but is probably not much use to interface with music things...depending on exactly what you mean). I suggest you keep more to "modern" languages because, if you get hooked, you could turn it into a new job! Thus, C#, .net and Java spring to mind (but VB6 and VBA will have their followers for a while yet).

Personally I would not recommend ADA, fortran etc. Pascal is borderline (IMHO). The cost of finding the various bits of kit may well have an influence of course!

You do need to better define what you want to do. To design a synthesiser linked into your soundcard is totally different from developing a database in which to store song information. (I could do the latter, but would not have a clue as to the former!)

Good luck; and expect never to leave your room; to develop greasy hair; and an inability to talk to any normal person again ;-)


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