Creating a pop-up screen in flash

  Chris1986 11:11 17 Aug 2007

i run my own website and i wish to creat a pop-up screen on the website. e.g. if you click on one of the 3 links on the first page it will bring up a small box with the inforamtion about that link. the webiste is click here , there are three boxes at the bottom which you should be able to click on, but they don't go anywhere yet.

can anyone provided me with a tutorial or explain how.


  djbenny 15:21 17 Aug 2007

on mouse over in flash?

umm i would take a look at the site but it is VERY slow at loading

  Chris1986 16:33 17 Aug 2007

i know that is another issue,the file size keeps increasing in size even if i delete things from the website.

i would like it to pop-up once pressed, eg click here when you click on one of the images it brings up the other box

  Chris1986 16:33 17 Aug 2007

but i want to add both images and text to the pop-up

  mco 19:42 17 Aug 2007

Is there an important reason why you need the site in Flash? I just ask because it would both load up quicker and be easier to create the pop up as you say if it were just in html

  Chris1986 21:03 18 Aug 2007

I wish to create my website in flash, the site isn't for business use, it is only for me, so that i can learn flash.

  mco 21:12 18 Aug 2007

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