Creating my first website

  RyanTech 15:19 09 Feb 2009

I am looking into creating a website for my explore scout unit.
my exp is about nill but i have got dreamweaver (MX 2004) and played about with that
now this site doesn't need to be any great, but some things are needed
as in there needs to be a unit members only area that needs a login to get to so i need to know how do this. This is about the one MUST. other things that would be great are download terms of media i can see a lot of pictures powerpoint presents and video wanting to go on there so i would need to know the best way to do this

if any abouts got snysuggest of other programes that i could use that would help with any of this it would be must helpful


I have created the same topic on another website
here is the link to see what some other people have suggested
click here

  Kemistri 16:34 09 Feb 2009

click here for a lightweight tutorial about creating user membership facilities. You may prefer to make use of a framework, such as CodeIgniter (which I rate as the best, particularly for newbies). If anyone tells you to use .htaccess, it's best avoided.

Regarding file downloads. That's trivial unless you intend to permit user uploads as well. Then it gets serious.

  ethelbert 17:15 09 Feb 2009

Hello Ryan,
You can easily had a link if this is what you mean to PDF and .doc files.

I have one here. click here

See left menu bottom. I use MS Expression Web and it is more like DW so you may well find this video of help or email he and ask as she possibly has one in DW which she uses as well. She - Cheryl Wise is a MVP.


  RyanTech 21:43 09 Feb 2009

Thanks but I still need a more information
to start with do i need to get a mySQL database (is it a programe?)
Now I will be using a service to host the website for me now it says
'Database Hostname - this is the "server that your database is hosted on", in most situations this will simply be 'localhost'.' is this server my computer of the website host

It is a great start but I need to be able to valaidate reistation I.E. I have to make sure that only unit members can join not just any body

So once i made the membership thing i do use/put in in my website (made with most likey DW)

An i'm still slighty confused on how to add downloadable documents.

And finally what other progromes to yout think i will need to reach my goals

  RyanTech 21:48 09 Feb 2009

soz forgot to add
also it says qoute 'In this tutorial we are going to go through each step of making a user management system, along with an inter-user private messaging system'
so how do you manage the users and i saw no metion of a message system

  Kemistri 22:14 09 Feb 2009

There are moments there when your typing is obfuscating your meaning, to be honest. If you would consider a novice's book on this topic, click here.

If you want to use a framework to get up and running quickly, read about CodeIgniter and what it can do: click here.

If you wish to test PHP and MySQL developments locally (ie. on your own computer), WAMP is the simplest package: click here.

Once you are working on a server, the database (which is not a program - the MySQL program should already be present on the server) can be uploaded and the path is adjusted whenever it is mentioned in whatever PHP files you happen to end up using.

File downloads are achieved by providing anchors to the file locations, like this:
<a href="path to file">Text</a>
It's that simple.

  RyanTech 19:09 11 Feb 2009

I have been getting lots of great advise but I am a real neebie when it comes to web desgin I realy don't know that much at all

Part of what I need help is, is the programmes that I choose to use is who they interelate. Or with some of the programme you guys have suggested do you make the website or just a part of the website e.g. CodeIgniter

Then there's the fact I will be hosting the site site using a service I need to know what i do on my home computer and what I do with them
an often the guides referr to a 'server' etc what is my server is this my web host. For example in the installation instruction for codeigniter is says
'Upload the CodeIgniter folders and files to your server. Normally the index.php file will be at your root.'

  Kemistri 20:17 11 Feb 2009

As I wrote above, CodeIgniter is a PHP framework. That's basically the same as a CSS framework, a JavaScript framework or library, and so on. click here. In this context, a framework provides you with a comprehensive integrated library of code from which you can selectively pick and choose which functions you actually call. A PHP framework is relatively simple way of adding server-side functions like logins, databases, and so on: some knowledge of PHP is advantageous but not critical.

As for software, the only coding software that I routinely use is Notepadd++. For me, it is a very efficient and flexible way of working but it is definitely not aimed at newbies who don't write their own code or mark up.

If you really, honestly want to take on the task of creating and managing a website, then you clearly have steep learning curve ahead of you, judging by your questions. You would make it easier for yourself if you invested a few pounds in a couple of good beginners' books. I can't recommend any, but just browse Amazon and see what's popular.

  Forum Editor 23:01 11 Feb 2009

is, by your own admission nil. That being the case it may be helpful to provide you with some very basic information that might help to familiarise you with the terminology and conventions used in site design and management.

First of all, is it right to assume that you have signed up with a hosting company,and that you have a domain name already registered? Your hosting company will provide you with some server space, in which your site files will reside. You'll upload the files from your home computer to the server, using a username and password that the host will provide. Your hosting account will provide you with access to all kinds of facilities, the extent of which will depend on the company involved, but it will almost certainly include at least one MySQL database, and a whole raft of commonly used scripts.

You'll design the basic website using a program like DreamWeaver, or one of the alternatives - some of which you may find easier to get to grips with. Some people find a program called NetObjects Fusion a little easier to use, and it comes with a comprehensive catalogue of ready-to-use site templates, one of which is almost certain to meet your requirements. You can select a design and simply add your own content - then upload to the server. You'll have a site on the internet very rapidly, and you can set about altering it to suit your own needs.

Unless you are contemplating designing multiple or complex sites I wouldn't bother with learning too much about coding - nowadays it's not necessary, and lots of people produce very good sites indeed without any knowledge of writing code at all.

You might want to follow the advice about reading a couple of books on the basics of site design, but if you're keen to get started you may prefer to plunge in and learn as you go. Be prepared for some frustrations along the way however - you're unlikely to get it right first time around.

We're here when you need specific advice, but post your questions here, in this thread - don't start a new one.

  RyanTech 16:52 12 Feb 2009

Thanks fourm editor your advise is very help ful
At current I haven't signed up to a hosting site/domain name. So I will make that my next step.
As for book I will look in to that as soon as I have the finance

If my chosen web host provides a mySQL database I thing using that for getting the member ship side of it would be good as i have found this click here guild most helpful so if any one knowns any similar guilds that would be great

  Kemistri 17:26 12 Feb 2009

I'm glad that you liked the NetTuts guide - it's a good site for technical tutorials that are not too heavy.

I advise you to take great care over your choice of domain names and hosting provider. I could suggest a few good providers, depending on your budget and needs, but you would need to set those out first. For your own benefit very bit as much as ours.

If you were asking about this a couple of weeks later, I could point you straight to an article that I'm writing about choosing and managing domain names, but I'll try to provide a few brief pointers in lieu of that:

Pick your top level domain to suit your target audience, location, and sometimes the subject matter. A is often the most likely choice, but look at the others that might suit your usage more specifically, like for instance. That's a generic 2nd level domain for non-profit organisations.

Get you hosting and domains from the same company - it's easier for technical and admin reasons and you have only to find one good company instead of two.

Don't be suckered by headline prices - read the small print thoroughly, realise what you actually have to pay and what it gets you.

Sometimes, a keyword rich domain is best, but I don't think that this is one of those times, since you're not aiming to promote the group as such but provide a service to its existing members. You can always add one later and point it at your site.

Don't bother trying to grab multiple top level domains, like and, etc. No point for your situation, but people get tempted into it by special offers.

Try to avoid picking a domain name that is difficult to type (eg, too long) or difficult to comprehend.

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