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  Liteman 07:29 20 May 2009

I belong to a camera club and am looking to bring the club into the 21st Century with a new letterhead for all "club officers" to use when writing letters on behalf of the club. I'm looking for a free download that will enable me to create a letterhead with the club logo in the top LH corner and the usual "From address top right, "recipient" under the logo and a text area for the letter itself. The whole thing must be easy to use by the less computer literate members and "non-alterable" The whole template needs to be pretty idiot proof.

Any ideas?

  mgmcc 07:50 20 May 2009

Assuming you (and club members) are using Microsoft Word as the word processor, have a look at the templates available on the "Microsoft Office Online" site click here

  Kevscar1 07:55 20 May 2009

You can create one in any paint program. I use PaintShop Pro. Save it as a JPG then import it into Word.

  Taff™ 09:30 20 May 2009

I do this regularly for a Society and you can set this up in Word or OpenOffice very easily. The trick is to put the essential information into the header and footer area and probably with a different first page so that any letter that runs to more than the first page doesn`t repeat the logo etc in the header and footer. Subsequent pages might have a "Continued" header and the footer "Page x of y". If this is what you want post back and I`ll give you more detailed instructions for the program you intend to use.

  DieSse 09:33 20 May 2009

The trick with templates in MSWord, is after creating it, save it NOT as a Document, but as a Template (choose Save As) and then a type as Template.

Then distribute the Template.

Only the computer savvy would be able to change the header and footer.

If you want some personal help, I'd be happy to send you some ideas - contact me via the yellow envelope (free, of course!).

  Liteman 08:52 21 May 2009

Taff, that seems to be what I am looking for, as long as I can get the logo which is about 30mm square at the top left. The senders need to be able to type their address in, preferably top right and the recipients address under the logo.

I'm out for then rest of today, but your offer of help would be gratefully received


  cornflakes 12:06 21 May 2009

Hi, should you want to read ALL about it for yourself in MS Word;

1 Open Word
2 Click on Help
3 Type in template and press enter
4 Click on "Create a document template"
5 Read all about it! Its very simple!

Note when you are saving the template as suggested by DieSse, make sure you save it to the desktop or somewhere that you can easily find it.

I have done the same thing for our local history group etc for several years. The Chairman / Treasurer / Secretary all have the same letterhead but with their specific contact details....
Good Luck......cornflakes

  Rahere 13:51 21 May 2009

There's plenty of useful info above but to add your logo to the template you need to insert it in to the document:

In Word it's something like Insert>Picture>from file.

It's easy to create your own template and position the logo in Word or equivalent: I'd use a table to position everything correctly this way you can align logos and text seperately. Later you can hide the table borders (so they don't print) and then choose 'Save as' a template.

If you are using the logo in messages/newsletters by email or on a website don't forget to minimise the size of the files by saving the files for the web as a .jpg file or .gif before adding to the templates - your members will thank you for this if they are on dial up!!

  Pineman100 18:02 21 May 2009

You wrote: "The senders need to be able to type their address in"

But why bother with that? Once you've created the main template, it's the work of moments to create an individualised template for each club officer. Then they don't need to type their details in each time.

  Taff™ 08:52 22 May 2009

In Word you open a new blank document. Immediately put in enough carriage returns to go to page 2. Open View>Header and Footer and click in the header on the second page. (Important) On the toolbar open Page Settings. Select the tick box “Different First Page”. Now go down to the second page footer and enter your second (and subsequent) pages footer which might also include “Page X of Y” for example. Close Header & Footer View.

Go back to the first page and open View> Header & Footer again. Click into the Header, Note that it is now labelled “First Page Header” – Insert your logo. (Insert>Picture>From File) Right click the logo and select the Layout Tab then select "In Front Of Text" - You can now move and resize this to sit at the left of the Header. Make all of the text in the header align to the right and type in an officers details. As stated by Pineman100 you can change these in seconds for each officer.

If you scroll down the page you`ll see that the header and footers are now labelled “First Page Footer” – “Header” & “Footer” on the second page.

This is Microsoft for you! Everything has to be done back to front starting with the second page and then going backwards – it had me stumped for years.

Now remove all the carriage returns, save the document and then try this. If you fill up page one and go on to the second page continuation it works as you wanted. If you force a page break. i.e. Insert>Break and select Section Break>New Page you get another page one style with Logo in the header and Contact Info in the footer. Neat or what? That means that if you need to copy and paste information into your second page that might be printed off and distributed separately from the first page (A notice or terms and conditions for example) – you have a choice.

Having created the first "Template" presumably for yourself, you then need to save it as a template which will put it in your Word templates folder. (File>Save As and call it [SocietyName] Letterhead [Your Initials]) To use this again open Word and go File>New and select from the General Templates. You can then create a similar template for each officer and send it to them by e-mail and just change the Initials in the file name. They will also need to save it to their templates folder.

Any problems post back or drop me a PM via the yellow envelope.

  Peter 10:25 22 May 2009


I used to use .JPG for my graphics in Word documents, but found they often had a cyan speckled pattern across them. I now use .PNG and that seems to have solved the problem.


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