creating a form in NOF - in plain English!

  mco 20:14 05 Jul 2006

I've never done a form in NOF before. All I need is a smallish and simple form on a page. It should say 'sign our petition' then have space for name , email and address - to be sent back to webmaster. Try as I might I can't understand the terminology used - could anyone (adeh? barryoneoff?) just tell me in simple English the process? I have read the help files, honestly!

  ade.h 20:37 05 Jul 2006

Hi mco.

Never done a form in NOF? Oh, don't worry. Easy (must be if I can do it...)

Form layouts are tricky to get aligned cleanly without using either a table or placing the form objects in text boxes.

Make sure first of all that the form toolbar is selected from the View menu (place it next to the standard toolbar).

Next, tick the "layout is a form" box on the pallette.

You can use a table for best control, or just use the text boxes that you need for the labels.

Make a text box with the name of your first form field in it, such as First Name. Now make a single line form field and drop it into the texk box; it will now be below the text, as long as your text box is not too long.

Go to the properties pallette for the form field; give it a name that represents its content, such as firstname. Note the lowercase and lack of spaces. Give it a visible and maximum size.

Repeat for your other fields. I would suggest First Name, Surname, E-mail Address, House number, and so on.

Next, add a submit button. Ignore the form handler on the NOF tools menu. Your submit button will need an action in its properties pallette; this will be the name of your PHP file, which I can help you to code later on. In fact, once you have your form arranged, tell me the names of each field and I'll code it for you.

  mco 20:52 05 Jul 2006

you say ' tick the layout is a form box on the palette'...are you saying I need a new page and to tick that new page layout? I thought I could just make it in a text box on the page I'm currently using...?

  ade.h 21:09 05 Jul 2006

I normally make my forms in a small page to be used in a pop-up; if you want to place a form on an existing page, you can still change its layout to form. Otherwise, you can draw a form region from the form region tool on the main toolbar or create a table and make that a form. The latter would be my choice when adding a form to part of an existing page because it producs less HMTL than a form region with free object placement.

  ade.h 21:11 05 Jul 2006

If you want a table design, click here and look at my form layout here, which is in a table.

  mco 23:11 05 Jul 2006

I get it now (I think) Will have a go and let you know...

  ade.h 23:18 05 Jul 2006

Ask my anything if you get stuck again. It's a bit lengthy to explain the whole process in every detail, so there may still be a few little things that I haven't covered. 00:28 06 Jul 2006

The table is the simplest method. It's the option I go for anyway.

  ade.h 13:45 15 Jul 2006

How's the form going, mco? Let us know if you need any more advice.

  mco 15:39 15 Jul 2006

at the end of this week when I'm on holiday! I just swapped over (as you know) to a new laptop and spent ages sorting out sites in DW and NOF so (confession!) I cheated for speed in the meantime and used a free online one click here -but will change it as I want to do it myself really.

  ade.h 15:44 15 Jul 2006

It's a skill that is well worth learning.

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