Creating DVD using Pinnacle Instantdisc

  chrismuir 01:02 27 Nov 2004


Have got a NEC DVD-RW (ND-2510A) as my D drive (CD-ROM 1 in Disk Management) and a Sony CD-RW as my E drive (CD-ROM 0 in Disk Management). I am using the Pinnacle software to make a data DVD to back up my files and the software won't allow me to write to the DVD. I select all the files I want to copy, and click on 'Write' and the only destination drive option I am given is the CD-RW.

In the projects section within Instantdisc, when I click on the DVD drive it says that 'the device is not ready' - regardless of whether a blank DVD is loaded or if the drive is empty. I bought some DVD-R's to use for data storage, do I need to format them before I use Pinnacle??

The DVD plays all discs fine, but I bought it so I could write my digital pics to DVD rather than lots of CD's. Any ideas?



  chrismuir 15:41 27 Nov 2004

Is there any way within Windows XP to write to a DVD (like you can with a CD)to see if the problem is the DVD drive or the Pinnacle software? I can select files in Windows Explorer, right click and select 'send to' where I get the option of sending to the CD-RW drive, but the DVD-RW drive does not appear - does this mean I need to download some software (or drivers) for the DVD drive?

Any help please!!??

  mattyc_92 16:25 27 Nov 2004

I don't think there is a way in Windows for "writting to DVD" but are you aware of ANY other program on your system that may be using this drive as well. Also I have noticed that some DVD-Rs take a while for your system to notice the format, so try waiting for about 1 minute after inserting the disk to see if this is the case.

  chrismuir 18:11 27 Nov 2004

Don't think any other programs are using this drive - is there an easy way to find out?

When I open 'My Computer' with nothing in the drives, it shows the D drive as 'DVD-RW drive'. If i put a blank DVD-R in, the details change to 'CD drive' and the icon changes to a disc with DVD-R written on it so I guess it is recognising the DVD. What is confusing me is that the DVD-RW drive is not coming up in Instantdisc as a selectable destination drive, only the CD-RW is, which I don't want to use.


  mattyc_92 18:49 27 Nov 2004

Try deleting the drive, restarting system and re-installing the drive (windows should install the drive itself)

  mattyc_92 18:51 27 Nov 2004

Have you tried downloading "Nero 6" from click here You can use the software for about 30 days before having to buy a serial number!!!!! If Nero allows you to use your DVD-RW, then there is something wrong with your other program.

  chrismuir 12:52 28 Nov 2004

Downloaded Nero and all works fine now, must have been something with the Pinnacle software. Thanks for the advice.

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