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  Number six 23:05 17 Dec 2010

I frequently burn digital photos to DVDs to play on my TV/DVD player, and find the results disappointing, nowhere near the picture quality of commercially produced DVDs. Presumably, the resolution is the same (720x576 pixels), so why should this be? I have tried re-sampling the photos to this resolution first in Paint Shop Pro before encoding, this has made no difference. I use regular Nero or Roxio software. Would using a more upmarket movie editor program, something like Sony Vegas Movie Studio for example, be likely to use more advanced encoding algorithms, and therefore give better results? (are you there eedcam?!)

  eedcam 09:42 18 Dec 2010

Hi Number six wel I use premiere elements the knack . No resampling to is in optimizing the photo first. Most software should do this and no its not resampled to 720x576 I'll need to dig out my bible to refresh the old grey matterr as No done any for a while. One cause is video is made up off Non square pixels as opposed to stills which are square again the software should adjust this. If you like I'll try and scan the relevant info from the bible and Pm you

  Number six 22:31 18 Dec 2010

Any further info gratefully received, many thanks. Yes I have noticed premiere elements has favourable reviews also the Sony program very cheap online - less than £30.

  rdave13 22:38 18 Dec 2010

Try ashampoo burning studios 10 for a thirty day trial. If no good then you can uninstall. You can also unregister the emails from ashampoo.
click here
Not a spammer ,it's just I use this program ,and think it's worth a suggestion.

  Number six 23:51 18 Dec 2010

Cheers rdave; noted. Just ploughing through all the software reviews which go into great detail about all the included bells and whistles whilst ignoring the actual picture quality of the finished result.

  hssutton 00:10 19 Dec 2010

A resolution of 720 x 576 will produce poor results.

I use the full output of my camera of 5184 x 3456 pixels or slightly smaller due to cropping (usually in Tiff format). These produce stunning images on my large screen TV. I use Proshow Gold click here Burn to Blue Ray and you've got fantastic HD

  Number six 00:18 19 Dec 2010

720x576 is the standard resolution of normal DVD. Wish I could afford blue-ray/HD!!

  Bris 09:31 19 Dec 2010

Hi Number six.

I had the same problem but stumbled upon a free solution that works a treat and you dont even need to worry about resolutions.
If you havnt already got a copy of Windows Live Essentials then you can download a copy from the Microsoft web site and then launch Windows Photo Gallery. Click on file and then "add folder to gallery" and choose the folder you wish to use.
Highlight the pics you want to include and click on "make movie" on the tool bar.
In the resulting window down the left click on "publish to DVD".
This loads Windows Movie Maker, then follow the prompts and finally "burn" and you will get a perfectly acceptable DVD.

Hope this helps.

  hssutton 09:51 19 Dec 2010

I should have added that when I used standard DVD, I never resized my photos, apart from cropping for compositional reasons. Results when played on the widescreen TV where still very good.

Lazarus The 2nd

Yes that's true, but Proshow is many times more versatile, producing far superior slideshows than such as Ashampoo, but if all you want is a basic slideshow, then such as Ashampoo is ideal.

  Bapou 12:10 19 Dec 2010

I've been making slideshows for years with Pictures to Exe click here latest version 6.5 costs $49 for the Standard and $75 for the Deluxe version.

The Deluxe version does have the ability to convert and burn your slideshow to DVD format.

Barry Beckham's click here website also offers the program for sale.
It's worth downloading a couple of examples made by Barry and see for yourself the quality and effects Pictures to Exe can produce. I would recommend 'Black Country'. That's the one which convinced me to buy.

  Bapou 22:57 19 Dec 2010

Worth noting if considering Pictures To Exe, Once bought, all future updates to new versions are yours to download for free.

Know any other program which offers this? I don't.

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