Creating a DVD from AVI files

  GeeKay+Dee 08:24 27 Aug 2009


I've got 6 avi files that I wish to put on one DVD after I've converted them to DVD files.

I can convert them all individually using WINAVI which is fine, but how can I get them all onto the one DVD? I've got NTI CD & DVD maker instaled on the pc. Can this do it for me?

Thanks for any help.

  tullie 09:10 27 Aug 2009

Iwould have thought that the dvd files would be too big to put on a single dvd,others will advise better.

  GeeKay+Dee 09:55 27 Aug 2009

Hi Tullie

The videos are only short avi files at the moment, about 20 mins long.

I'm really just wanting to put as many as is possible onto one disc instead of using one DVD disc for each 20 min file.


  eedcam 09:59 27 Aug 2009

Hi you could have just used dvd flick which is free and would have converted and burnt in house .click here Your existing programme should be able to compress to fit .Avi files are larger than Mpeg2 (dvd).The guiding factor is the Duration you can only get 2 -3 hours of good to reasonable quality on a single layer how long and what is the total run time of your Files

  eedcam 10:02 27 Aug 2009

In that case they will easily fit on one dvd Try flick just put the 6avi files in and it will do the rest

  GeeKay+Dee 13:09 27 Aug 2009

Hi eedcam.

Will the disc be able to play on a standard DVD player i.e. not avi compatable etc?

  eedcam 18:15 27 Aug 2009

Should do it will make a proper dvd video (Mpeg2) same as your commercial dvd.

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