Creating a dial up data transfer system

  cchhita 00:02 28 Feb 2004

Hi everyone!
Sorry I dont know where this post belongs, hope somebody can help me.
We are looking to start up a business, whereby people send us Point of Sale data via their modem.
We want to streamline the process, so by clicking on one button, it will generate the report we need, and then submit this data to a centralised database housed at another location.
We are looking to get this information from about 1000 retailers.

Someone was telling me about a system they currently use for ordering stock on their current system, they were talking about a dial-up comm??
Can somebody here shed some light on this, and the best way to go about this.
We want to make it a 'no hassle' way for the person to send this data to us. If it means extra work for these people, they will not send in this data.

Any suggestions to this?
A friend suggested setting up an fTP server, but i dont know the logistics of this!
We were thinking if this automatic way doesn’t work, we would get them to send this data in to us on a floppy disk or even email to us, but that would mean extra work for these people.

  y_not 06:49 28 Feb 2004

If setting up a business (to make money I guess?) why not employ a professional to advise/set up the IT side of things?

  cchhita 10:29 28 Feb 2004

Becuase we are starting a business from scratch, and hiring a professional advisor costs a lot of money (where i am from anyway).

We are only doing a feasability study of all our options before we proceed with the best method.
I figured people on a forum could give me some possible options to alternatives we could persue.

  Chegs ® 11:23 28 Feb 2004

click here

Not sure if this is what your after,but its just one of the many links found via click here

  cchhita 11:54 28 Feb 2004

Thanks for that Chegs.
Have already seen this page. But not quite what I am after, but it is on the right track!


  Chegs ® 12:07 28 Feb 2004

click here

This little lot should get you what you require,if the thread title IS what you need.I know howto setup a PC as a server,how to create a website and so on but only as a means to experiment. ;-)

  cchhita 12:24 28 Feb 2004

I would like a system whereby people use a modem to transfer their data (not over the internet).
I personally think it would be much easier over the internet, but have been advised against looking into this option.
Thanks for your help. I have been through most this stuff. I decided to post this on a forum after I had no luck getting exactly what i needed from google.
Never the less, i shall have a look.

  tbh72 12:35 28 Feb 2004

click here if nothing else this link will provide you with a whole host of "new keywords" to use in your search for a solution.

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