Creating anti-virus boot-up disk?

  Tangy 14:39 25 Feb 2006

I have a friend whose computer seems to have been frozen by an anti-virus. The computer boots up fine, but there is no response when trying to open any applications. 3 questions:

1. Is this really a virus-infection?

2. If so, is it possible for me to create a boot-up/rescue disk that will remove viruses on boot-up? I have AVG Anti-virus, which can create a rescue disk. If I create one, it asks me if I want to have (a) AVG executable files &/or (b) backup files for my computer system on the disk. If I create a rescue disk with only (a), would the disk work on my friend's computer?

3. Is it possible to install anti-virus software in safe mode? I haven't seen the computer yet, therefore don't know if safe mode is possible.

Hope someone out there could help me. Thanks.

  AndySD 14:45 25 Feb 2006

Windows XP my first choice would be to boot into safe mode and use System Restore.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:51 25 Feb 2006

1. could be or possible also a hardware problem

2. a) will work b) will not on his machine

3. yes it is possible to install in safe mode

  Belatucadrus 14:56 25 Feb 2006

1. Could be, sounds like the .exe association is corrupt. Though at this stage that's a guess.

2. AV rescue discs tend to depend on having AV in situ, if your friend hasn't got AVG installed I doubt the boot disk will help.
Have a look at the avast virus cleaner click here read the "Solving other problems" section for notes on how to run it if the .exe association is knackered. It'll fit on a floppy. Another option is Stinger click here .

3. Not something I've ever tried, so I don't know. But first thing is to see if there's any AV already there as two can be bad news.

Let us have more details of the system when you've seen it, ie: Operating system and if there's any security software in place already.

  Tangy 21:58 25 Feb 2006

Thanks for your help.

I phoned my friend & he said that what happens after booting up is that the hourglass lasts for ages. Even in Safe Mode, this still happens. Is it a virus or a system error of some sort?

  terryf 22:15 25 Feb 2006

If you download vcleaner.exe from AVG to a floppy, rename file to anything.exe, boot up in safe mode and run the file it will look for and clean a number of viruses. You rename it because apparently some viruses look for this file!

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