Created PDF files can i merge files from one PDF to another?

  Sparkly 18:34 30 Mar 2012

Hi i have been scanning documents of work an elderly gent had created and printed out of his life,(scanning to PDF) i was happily scanning page after page when the printer/scanner decided to freeze, so i had to start the scanning process again where it had last saved the scans when i started to scan again i selected the folder that contained the scans thinking it would carry on in order but it saced the second lot of scans in the folder but called it scan 2, so i now have in the folder scan 1 and scan 2 is it possible to merge the two scans into one PDF file? Useing HP software on W7. Thanks in advance.

  Garawa 19:01 30 Mar 2012

I had the same problem, couldn't find a solution anywhere without paying a fortune for Adobe that I might barely use. Then I came across a suggestion for doing it online and now I use it all the time:

Basically, you upload all the individual PDF files and you can sort the order. You click the merge button and it puts them together and you then download the new single file to a destination of your choice. Worked wonders for me! It doesn't save the files so make sure they are right before you exit the website!

  Garawa 19:03 30 Mar 2012

PS - just do step 1 and and 2 and you're done. Don't need to click the download button to install any software.

  Nontek 19:09 30 Mar 2012

I believe it is possible to merge (Package, in PDF Terms) two scans, but I am pretty sure only a Dedicated Program such as PDF Converter Pro may be needed - not cheap at £100 +

I would be happy to be proved wrong!

  Sparkly 19:14 30 Mar 2012

Hi Garawa thanks for the link i had just been looking at the site but the max upload is 50mb so may have to install it. Thanks.

  GroupFC 19:16 30 Mar 2012

You cna get software that will merge pdfs. I have just tested it with pdfsam which is freeware and can be found here

Hope that helps.

  Sparkly 19:20 30 Mar 2012

Hi Nontek "I would be happy to be proved wrong! "Hopefully something can be found to do this, if i thought the scanner would carry on without freezing it would not be a problem but after 30-40 scans the scan goes halfway down the glass and thats it, im looking at 250+ pages. Thanks.

  Sparkly 19:59 30 Mar 2012

Hi GroupFC thanks i have just downloaded and gave it a go and it seems to have done the job nicely. @ Nontek worth a look seems to do what it says on the tin. Thanks all.

  Nontek 20:09 30 Mar 2012

Great, glad I was proved wrong!

  Nontek 20:11 30 Mar 2012

PS - thanks for the offer, but I already have the latest PDF Converter Pro.

  GroupFC 21:13 30 Mar 2012

Glad to be of service!

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