Create a Webpage and Host it??

  Sparkly 08:44 02 Mar 2008

Hi please could you give me some info/help on deciding a Web Hosting package.
I have not done this before and have been asked if i could help them set the web page up for a local campaign group trying to keep a local service up and running,at the moment we are useing Dreamweaver8 useing the templates side of the programme, we have been saving as we go and previewing in a browser and so far all seems well. If and when all concerned are happy with what has been created what is the best way to get it hosted? The campainers are happy to pay to host it or use a free webhosting company but we are not sure how to use the web page we have created,if we sign up to a webhosting comp they seem to supply thier own tools and templates can we import the dreamweaver page we create? Allso they are exploring setting up a Charity/Trust and are not sure if that would Home or Business packages if they decide to use a webhosting comp. Would appreciate any help with this.

  mco 10:06 02 Mar 2008

No worries here - for your basic needs, just sign up for a basic package to a reliable hosting company. Everyone here has their favourites but the top 2 are usually click here
and one of mine click here
You can choose a domain name for your site and get a hosting package all in one and then just follow the instructions in Dreamweaver to upload your site. You are not obliged to use the companies' tools and templates at all.

  Sparkly 10:17 02 Mar 2008

mco thanks for the reply thats very helpful thankyou.

  MAJ 10:19 02 Mar 2008

Personally I wouldn't go for free hosting, it's not always reliable and most of the free hosts will put adverts on your site.

I would go with someone like Heart Internet (there are other good hosts as well), I did and haven't regretted it. Heart Internet have a great package at about £40 for the first year, it costs about £30 every year after that, not bad for what you get. click here

You could also (if you wish) buy a domain name through Heart Internet at £6.09 for two years and use that with your new hosting package. Yes they have all the tools, but you don't need to use them if you don't want to, just upload your Dreamweaver-created pages to Heart Internet and away you go (make sure your home page is called "index.htm").

There are quite a few users of this forum who use Heart Internet, so if you have problems, you wont be stuck for help.

  Sparkly 10:43 02 Mar 2008

Hi MAJ and thanks allso to you for your input i will check out the link when i get back (mothersday outing now) thankyou.

  Kemistri 12:50 02 Mar 2008
  MAJ 12:55 02 Mar 2008

I was, as Kemistri did, recommend the free webhosting from Heart, but it has a limit transfer of 100MB/month and you need to have a domain name with Heart to use it properly.

  MAJ 13:35 02 Mar 2008

I was, as Kemistri did, going to recommend the.......

  Sparkly 15:45 02 Mar 2008

Thanks mco,MAJ,and Kemistri you have all helped a great deal thankyou.

  rtginc 06:44 04 Mar 2008

just have a look at this click here
it will solve your all problems i think just check it out.

  Sparkly 11:41 04 Mar 2008

rtginc that has confused me
>it will solve your all problems i think just check it out.??

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