create a new folder shortcut...

  homer1309 20:43 29 Apr 2003

hi y'all. my problem is how does one create a shortcut to NEW FOLDER so as i only have to press a button or two on the keyboard. i need to create about 400 new folders and dont want to have to use the mouse, all that right clicking gives me finger ache. i am using xp pro. cheers peeps.

  Pesala 20:57 29 Apr 2003

400 Directories! Who do you work for, the Post Office?

In Windows ME, Alter F, Enter, Enter in Explorer will create a new folder with the focus ready to type the new folder's name. That would work fine for a few dozen new folders, but I wouldn't like to do 400.

A keyboard macro program could be used with replaceable parameters. Are the names going to be sequential?

Just a few pointers. I hope this helps.

  homer1309 21:05 29 Apr 2003

folders are going to be my cd collection back ups. i am moving house and have lost aload already in another move. not again though. so i need to give each folder a different name. i was rather hopeing that i could right click go to create new shortcut but i get lost from there onwards...

  MAJ 21:08 29 Apr 2003

Try this, homer1309. click here

  homer1309 04:45 30 Apr 2003

thanks maj, nearly there with this one but i am running xp pro & when i change the ? w which is the underlined letter then it opens up open with command prompt as this also has the underlined w and it appears first in the menu.. it makes no difference what i change it only opens up something different then.......

  homer1309 04:59 30 Apr 2003

maj, <p>update alert. if i place 2 w's where the ? is it now moves down to the (new) menu but does not highlight the next part, ie. move over to the new what bit. just stays highlighting new!!!

  MAJ 08:22 30 Apr 2003

As you're running XP Pro, homer1309, it will be a little different because of the Documents and Settings thing, try this:

Set WSHShell=WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

WSHShell.Run "C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER /e, /root, C:\Documents and Settings\Homer\Desktop"

WScript.Sleep 500

WSHShell.SendKeys "%(FWF)"

That works for me, but it leaves the "Desktop" Folder open, but you can press Alt + F4 to close that.

  homer1309 21:41 30 Apr 2003

MAJ,....and they said it would never work.great it works. would be even better if i could close folder afterwards but i guess you cant have everything can you? unless anyone knows better. so i guess have not quite reached the 'resolved' point yet..... cheers for help so far, it's 90% better than it was.

  MAJ 22:59 30 Apr 2003

I'm glad it's working for you, homer1309, but yes that folder being open is a nuisance. Maybe someone who is good at coding can figure a way to close that "C:\Documents and Settings\Homer\Desktop" folder when the first part of the code (above) is complete. There must be a piece of code that can close an open folder.

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