create music medley?

  SusieQ 09:29 08 Mar 2003

We are planning a 60th birthday party for my dad. I was wondering if it is possible to create a music medley of all of his favourite tracks, into one (1) track. I have windows 98 SE, a CD burner and roxio software. I'm a beginner, so go easy. Thanks.

  pj123 15:34 08 Mar 2003

What a good idea. Just record all the tracks you want to your hard disk and then burn them to CD as an Audio disk. i use a programme called LP Recorder to do the recording. It has a pause control on it so you can find the next track etc... Go to click here

  Border View 15:36 08 Mar 2003

I tried doing this but get the message that the track was protected. How do I overcome this please?

  pj123 15:39 08 Mar 2003

As an afterthought, what sort of deadline are we looking at here? If is short you could send me a cassette with all the tracks on and i will put them on a CD for you????? and post them back to you.

  bremner 16:20 08 Mar 2003


If you are using WMP to rip the CD's then one of the settings in Tools>Options>Copy Music make sure there is no tick in the "Copy protect music" box.

  Border View 16:25 08 Mar 2003

Thanks bremner

  bruno 16:43 08 Mar 2003

You can do what you want on your Roxio software.I did it last weekend using the same gear you have.Use " Make a music CD".I did it as an MP3 and I can play it back through my computer or an MP3 player.If you use"Shuffle"it mixes them up.I got about 7 cd s onto one disc.If you don't want to use mp3 you can still do it on Roxio.

  SusieQ 12:27 12 Mar 2003

Sorry guys, thanks for your help so far but I think you're misunderstanding what I'm trying to do. I don't even know if it's possible to do. I already know how to create compilation CD's. I'm talking about creating a medley (snippets of dad's favourite tracks all rolled into one song).

  leo49 13:20 12 Mar 2003

You can easily do it with Nero Wave Editor - simply select chunks of tunes and save to individual files, then insert and segway together to form one continuous track - bit like the old "Stars on 45" of a few years back.


  pj123 14:47 12 Mar 2003

Yes, using LP Recorder you can do that. Just record 3 or 4 bars of the first song then hit pause find the next and record 3 or 4 bars of that then hit pause again and so on. Look at click here

  SusieQ 03:52 14 Mar 2003

thanks guys. I'll give them a go. Will report back soon.

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