Create an email account problems

  lucky1 19:40 05 May 2006

My good lady has just attempted to send her first email or her brand new laptop. She was presented with a 'Create and email account' wizard. The first two pages of this were easy to complete being a user name and an email address. However, the third page has two boxes which we don't know how to complete. The first has Incoming Mail with (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP server) the second has Outgoing Mail (SMTP server). Can anyone tell me what we should be putting in these boxes so we can get to the next page of the wizard? We will be using the same email account we use on the desktop. Thank you.

  Ikelos 19:44 05 May 2006

if she is with bt then both boxes are for pop3 and smtp

  johnnyrocker 19:50 05 May 2006

best bet then is to open the account on main pc click on tools accounts and highlight then select properties and go to server tab and put the same info in as is on that account.


  stlucia 19:51 05 May 2006

Depends on who your email account is with. As an example, I've got an account with Freenetname, and in the first box I put "" and in the second box "" both without the quotes. You can probably get those (and all the other settings you need) by going to your email supplier's website.

But since you're already set up on your desktop, in Outlook Express (assuming you're using that) go to Tools > Accounts and then view the Properties of the account you want to use. Copy them into the appropriate spaces in the wizard on your laptop.

  lucky1 19:51 05 May 2006


Thanks for the prompt reply. Can I expect problems in the pages after page 3 of the wizard?

  johnnyrocker 19:53 05 May 2006

just copy all from your main account so that they are identical, page 3 should just be your connection details which you can also get from the original account.


  Ikelos 20:06 05 May 2006

no, should you get to a bit what you might not understand, come back and we will sort it..

  lucky1 21:19 05 May 2006

Thanks everyone for your help. Now sending and receiving emails.

  terryf 21:57 05 May 2006

For the future, you can transfer OE accounts from one machine to another by going to Tools, Accounts, click on the account you want to transfer then click Export. You will be given a browse box to choose where to save the file. Copy to a floppy, place in the receiving machine and then go to Tools, Accounts, and click Import on that machine

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