Create DVD of still photos with a spoken commentary

  Trikie 17:23 30 Jan 2012

What is the easiest way to do this?

  Proclaimer 17:43 30 Jan 2012
  eedcam 19:07 30 Jan 2012

Just create a slideshow in windows moviemaker which you already have add the narration and depending on which version of wmm burn as a dvd video .The older version of wmm cant burn to dvd but thats no loss as you are better using a freebie like dvd flick to do that end of it probably better than the latest wmm at it anyway.If you ned any furthere asisatance just ask

  Trikie 22:07 30 Jan 2012

Thanks both.

I have tried loading the images into WMM and found the same problem as with Ulead Videostudio. This is that the narration has to be recorded in a part of the timeline that does not contain video.

I need to see each image to ensure that what I say relates to it. Recording blind and then moving the narration to match the image is very hit and miss.

Is there any programme that can record narration whilst viewing the images?

  Les28 09:27 31 Jan 2012

Can you watch the video project as it plays back in Ulead or WMM and have the free Audacity installed and your mike plugged in and record your narration whilst watching ?

Isn't this how they synchronise voices in movies like Shrek ?

Save the audio in Audacity, probably as a lowish quality MP3 sound file for speech and add the sound file to the timeline later in Ulead or WMM?

I'm doing my annual dvd at the moment, have a mixture of still pics and movie clips, will be using Audacity audio mp3 files to narrate over the still pics and let the video clips "speak for themselves".

I'm using Serif movie software where I can add as many extra audio lines as I need, obviously being a mixture of still and movie I don't need a continuous one clip narration, as the interspersed video has its own sound.

Can you add extra clips of audio in Ulead, to save having to do the audio recording in one big take? ie, extra audio lines or add more audio clips along the same audio line in Ulead?

enter link description here

enter link description here

  Les28 09:50 31 Jan 2012

I've just opened a still photo in WMM and dragged it along the time line to run for 10 seconds, added a mp3 sound clip dragged to the audio/music section of the time line, shortened that clip by dragging back to about two seconds length, then added a second audio clip for a few seconds further along the audio/music timeline.

So looks like you don't have to record the audio all in one take, if it's not convenient in WMM, probably the same in Ulead, certainly is with my Serif product as I mentioned.

  chub_tor 10:04 31 Jan 2012

I'm with Les28 regarding Serif MoviePlus, you can have as many audio tracks as you like overlaying one with the other or fading them in and out. That's how I make all my slide shows.

  birdface 15:21 31 Jan 2012

Not sure if this is any good but it is free.

  Bapou 15:26 31 Jan 2012

Pictures to Exe has been my preference for photo slideshows for years. Worth downloading for a trial period and if suitable for your requirements you can buy for $75.

  eedcam 15:43 31 Jan 2012

Please dont waste money buying anything if you tcan manage the narration with wwm then .Create your show open something like audacity its free start your show in wmm smallscreen and record as and whwn the relevant photos are on screen using audacity .Best to do acontinuos record then when done if anyn noise is present on the silent parts you can silence them in audacity(dont cut ou youll lose the sync). Save (export thattrack as . wave then impor it to wmm should only need one lining up then your ready to bur save and burn

Note nowt wrong with the suggested slide makers just not need for a basic show

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