Create audio CD's ?

  wilco33 15:41 24 Dec 2005

Anyone tell me if I can convert mp3/wav music to a form which can be burned to CD & will play on my home stereo/car CD player ? Thx.

  SG Atlantis® 15:54 24 Dec 2005

have you nero, roxio or other burning software?

If you have nero, click smartstart make an audiocd. A window will appear drag all your mp3's into it. then follow the steps by clicking next. Choose which drive is the cd burner click OK.

Windows media player click here

That's a pdf file in the link. Might take a while to open dependning on connection.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 24 Dec 2005

If you use Nero to burn an Audio disc it will do this automatically for you

Open Nero burning ROM select Audio CD drag and drop MP3 files into the Cd window reorder to your likeing and click burn.

Thats all there is to it. Just burn't 12 xmas songs to CD in under 6 minutes from start to finish.

  SG Atlantis® 16:01 24 Dec 2005

6 minutes?

that's slow.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:09 24 Dec 2005

SG Atlantis®

Incleded searchtime for files and I Never burn at full speed.


  ade.h 17:15 24 Dec 2005

Why not just use Windows Media Player to do this? It's perfectly satisfactory for it and easy to use. Hit the Burn tab and drag some files in from the Library, then WMP will convert them into CDA and make a usable audio CD.

  pj123 17:51 24 Dec 2005

ade.h, we don't use Windows Media Player to do this, because there are too many threads on this Forum that says "it doesn't work".

That is why we all (at least most of us) recommend Nero.

  ade.h 18:04 24 Dec 2005

pj - I've never noticed any comments to that effect (and as you know, I've been around here since the early days). All I can say is that it works fine for me.

If it is the case that many users experience problems with it, then I won't recommend it again, but neither could I recommend Nero as I have no experience of its product. With what Windows can achieve on its own, I've simply never needed it. I can only talk about what I know.

  wilco33 09:58 25 Dec 2005

Like I said,I've no problem burning music to CD,its just that it only plays on my PC,not on my home stereo or car stereo.Could this be the format its in(wav,mp3)or is it a DRM issue?Thx for all responses.

  wilco33 10:01 25 Dec 2005

p.s. I have Power2Go,iTunes,WMP,WinAmp Full & Quicktime alternative player.

  Audeal 11:01 25 Dec 2005

Also rember that your music will not play in a domestic player if you record onto a CDRW. Use only CDR's

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