CRC Errors continuing - PROB NOT SOLVED

  fourjays 15:33 24 Oct 2004

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Well, I thought the problem was fixed, so I quick formatted and installed XP. Everything seemed to be going ok until I started installing applications and games and it started immediately giving me CRC Errors again. Whats is really stange about it is that it worked perfectly last night. TRS2004 and Raven Shield both installed without a single error, but today they gave me loads.

Im thinking about trying to get an IDE HDD to give that a try, but if anyone has any ideas that may fix it......

To add to this, I have also had another brief rippling session on the monitor..... not long after a CRC Error. Its stopped now though (the rippling effect - not the CRCs).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 24 Oct 2004

Oh no not another marathon I hope. You had sorted the last one Ithought by the time I read through it all.

Perhaps you need to use your SATA drive in a RAID configuration have a look here

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  fourjays 16:46 24 Oct 2004

If its only one, why would I need to use a RAID config?

  fourjays 16:52 24 Oct 2004

It says on my m/board CD that the minmum disks for a RAID config are 2 anyway. lol.

  fourjays 17:09 24 Oct 2004

Ive just tried disabling DMA, and it has installed the software.... but I understand that you musn't run it on DMA all the time, as it puts a hell of a lot more strain on the CPU?

So what do I do? :'(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 24 Oct 2004

It was the only thing you haven't already tried.

So do we have an interferance problem?

Desk lamp with transformer near monitor / PC

Mobile phone or radio handset close

PC backed up to wall with Fridge / microwave on otherside.

  Forum Editor 17:10 24 Oct 2004

that this has a software - related cause why don't you follow my earlier advice? You say that things were OK "until I started installing applications and games" and that's the key - you don't say which application, or which game, and unless you slow down you'll find it difficult to pinpoint the problem.

Get the machine to the state where it's running Windows XP, SP2, and then all your device drivers in a stable state and keep it like that for a couple of days. Then start installing your software, but take it slowly. DO NOT install any games at all until you have a perfectly stable machine with no errors, and create a restore point before each installation.

I wouldn't personally do anything else until I had tried that method.

  fourjays 17:14 24 Oct 2004

I can't install SP2 from the DVDROM without CRC Errors, so I hardly think waiting a few days will help that!?

  fourjays 17:17 24 Oct 2004

And before when this all started, none of my device drivers were installing properly either, as I get all kinds of weird activity.

I simply use TRS2004 and Raven Shield as a 'test run'. Because they are the two things that do it everytime. It wont install SP2 first time, but then I reboot and do it again and it works. I have set it to PIO mode and it installed fine.

Also, why would it be those games if I have used them for 6 months+ without any errors, until eventually having to change my HDD a month ago. Since I changed my HDD, the problems have just got worst and worst...

  fourjays 20:32 24 Oct 2004

Nope, its nothing to do with DMA.

I would like to point out to the forum editor, that it can't be any of the software, as this computer (the work one), has much the same software, on much the same hardware, and everything goes like a dream. Raven Shield and TRS2004 both install on here with no problems at all.

If anyone has anymore ideas, please respond. However stupid they seem. At the moment this looks like some kind of unsolveble hardware virus or something else completely ridiculous. (Time for conspiracy theorys. lol)

  jimv7 20:40 24 Oct 2004

Try different memory.

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