Crazy problem

  281apple 07:14 02 May 2007

My son asked me for the Email address of a mutual friend of ours. I sent it to him. My son sent our mutual friend an Email but later said that his Email was returned because it was not a valid address. I then sent an Email to our mutual friend using the same address I had given to my son and our mutual friend answered that he had received my Email. My son tried again twice but each time the Email was returned to him because of a non-valid address. Where is the problem? Can anyone help?

  mike1967 07:19 02 May 2007

You've given no details about ISP and what youre using for you're email hotmail etc

  281apple 07:42 02 May 2007

I'll ask my son but he's working and I can't answer until tomorrow. I think he uses both yahoo and hotmail. I don't know what ISP means, but I'll ask him. Thanks.

  Technotiger 07:50 02 May 2007

Hi, usual explanation is that the email address has been miss-spelt - even a space in the wrong place is enough for it to be non-deliverable.
Send the email address to your son again and ask him to copy/paste the address onto his email to your mutual friend.

  Technotiger 07:54 02 May 2007

PS - ISP is the Internet Service Provider -

this is a list of ISP's in the UK...

click here

  birdface 08:04 02 May 2007

Maybe you have left a letter out,or put a Comma instead of a Full Stop.Or used a Capital letter,Instead of a lower case one.Send it to your son again and make sure that everything is correct,I kept getting mail returned for about a fortnight,I had left the M out of .com and it took a while for me to figure it out.

  jack 08:30 02 May 2007

To emphasise Technotiger and Buteman
When passing on critical data such as E-mail addresses and Web links the best way is to call up your address book find the relevant address
Highlight it[left click and drag , so it goes dark]
Right click the mouse and select copy.
Go back to the E-mail you are writing and placing the cursor in the appropriate spot. right click and select paste.
That way there is no risk of miss typing the address.

  wee eddie 08:36 02 May 2007

Mistaking a Capital "i" - (I) for a Lower Case "L" - (l) or even a "1".

  keef66 10:47 02 May 2007

ask your mutual friend (sounds a bit cloak and dagger) to email your son, then he'll have the correct address to reply to.

Or is it meant to be a surprise?

  281apple 11:02 02 May 2007

We are checking out all your suggestions, but my son is working and we'll sort it out tonight. He'll do what jack, Technotiger and Bueman suggested when he gets home from work. The mutual friend lives down the street from me and neither of us had thought about his sending an Email to my son which he will do and we'll see if my son can answer him. Keef66's remark saying (sounds a bit cloak and dagger)got me laughing so hard that I almost fell of the floor.
I will now consider the probelm resolved and if my son can't get it working than he'll just be up the creek.... and he can telephone our mutual friend.

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