Crazy Mouse

  herc182 12:11 30 Oct 2004

Hello all,

I am back on my girlfriends laptop (for those that read my last posting) and she has had an age problem regarding her mouse (Described as "Synaptics Touchpad v5.6 on PS/2 port" under control panel>mouse>Touch). And every now and again, it goes crazy and bounces all round the screen meaning you cant use it. Would anyone have an idea or relate to this? It is a dell inspiron 8000. this problem has been recurring pretty much since she got it.


  herc182 12:43 30 Oct 2004

Actually i just installled an update from dell. maybe that will work. thanks anyway

  herc182 22:22 09 Nov 2004

this update from dell didnt seem to do the trick. now every now and again (although more frequently than before) the mouse stops working altogether. it just stops. it also seems to judder a lot. i have run adaware and spybot to see if anything would be doing it but nothing.

any ideas?


  Rtus 22:48 09 Nov 2004

if its a standard Ps2 mouse , try cleaning the ball & running gear inside, they can some times (most times)get bits of fluff /hair /general gunge rapped around the rollers. it stops the ball contacting cleanly & hence erratic behaviour.

  herc182 22:54 09 Nov 2004

its not a proper mouse its a touch sensitive one for laptops...which makes it harder to determine the cause....

  Rtus 23:02 09 Nov 2004

Right got thatI dont refer to them as mice > known as a touchpad to me. however have you tried removing the item in control panel & then reinstate it on next startup.

  herc182 23:05 09 Nov 2004

you mean uninstall the touchpad then try to reinstall it?

  herc182 23:07 09 Nov 2004

if i uninstall it then i will have no way of navigating around windows (except the laborious method of tabbing through every option...).

but if thats the only way....

  herc182 17:12 12 Nov 2004

this is completely umbearable and inhumane. the mouse has now started going bananas all around the screen all the time! it also clicks which means that it is opening programmes left right and centre (excuse the pun). so i cant actually work on it at all because it keeps clicking off the working window. i uninstalled it but it was still going crazy. have tried plugging in an external intellimouse but to no avail.
i have finally managed to disable it but now have to tab accross every option. this is really frustrating. can anyone shed any light on this matter because i will put my fist through the screen at any moment.

thank you

  Urotsukidoji 17:33 12 Nov 2004

are you online when it does this?

do you use a wireless connection?

what do dell say?

uninstall the device from devman (yes you can windows should drop a standard m$ driver in short term) and reinstall drivers.

let us know what happens?

  Graham ® 17:46 12 Nov 2004

Do a search on the laptop for Crazy mouse. It's a joke program. I'm not saying that's the cause, but needs eliminating.

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