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  FreMar 13:37 23 Aug 2007

My pc takes approx 25 minutes to boot up completely from start and then several minutes after that for any program to open when clicked on and then takes and an age to work. some will not start at all. I have tried sys restore,rolled back to a previous registry back-up and F5 key to 'Last good configeration that worked',and all the spyware, malware etc programs I have that I can get to work, but still no go. Everything worked ok until I downloaded Google Earth,with Piccasa,Google updater,and Norton Security Scan as a package. These froze as soon as I opened them,I did manage to uninstall them all after much bother, but got my problems at next start-up.
Error messages I get are: 'Windows cannot load your user profile but has logged on using a default log for the system' when I click on my name at the start up screen. also 'MSASCui.exe unable to locate component and has failed to start because WINHTTP.dll was not found'. I had a problem with Int' Explorer not starting due to an add-on:'google tool bar', this was ok ater an uninstall. I cannot access the internet due to everything taking too long to do anything, so have logged on to this forum using a friends pc. I fear that as it has all gone belly up, I may need to format the hard drive and reinstall the Windows (XP SP2).
Please help if poss'

try a sfc /scannow click here

  VoG II 13:47 23 Aug 2007

I would uninstall Windows Defender (MSASCui.exe) and Norton click here

  bof:) 14:45 23 Aug 2007

also check out how much free space you have on your hardrive. Norton takes up a lot of space.

Left click My Computer on desktop/right click C Drive (if thats the drive your system is on)/left click Properties (you will see a pie-chart slowing how much space you have free on your HD)/run the 'Disk cleanup' option.

After this left click on the 'Tools' tab and run the 'Error checking' option. Make sure you put a tick in both boxs when they appear. after this you will have to reboot your pc for the Error checking option to begin.

It does take sometime to run and it runs in I think it is 5 parts.


  bof:) 14:50 23 Aug 2007

after you have done all this, try running Ccleaner

click here

I'd download version 1.41.544, its at the top of the list rather than the beta version.


  bof:) 15:20 23 Aug 2007

also remember to have an antivirus checker program and a firewall running if you've uninstalled all of Nortons.

when you installed the google pack,did you uninstall your anti virus first,I personally dont know if that is a requirement prior to install but generally people dont recommend installing 2 avs, and as norton has what has been described "glue like" capabilities there could be a huge conflict going on

see VoG™ removal links

  FreMar 07:24 28 Aug 2007

My thanks to all who replied. I did try all that was suggested,(I was pleased to get rid of the other redundant Norton stuff that came as a trial with the pc),(and I also had plenty of free space on my hard-drive: 124GB) but I still had major problems with start-up. I hoped to do a partial reinstall of windows from the back-up on the pc, which would at least have saved all my settings and documents etc, but even access to this was denied, as my pc could not load my personal profile, but it would let me do a complete reinstall, which took it back to how it was out of the box (20 months ago). I have managed to get all but one program back via CD's and the net,(I had kept note of key-codes of purchased items), and have also regained a couple of GB's of deleted duplicate files etc, and also more up-to-date versions of downloaded items. The only drawback has been the time it has taken to do all this. all is now ok though. thanks again.

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