Crashing in Games tried all sort's....

  Pilch.... 16:36 17 Jun 2003


The problem started the other day playing battlefield 1942 v1.31. The computer would suddenly just stop, bare in mind it has been fine for ages

I thought it was graphics card overheating, being that it reached 50 degrees then the machine froze, so i put an 80mm fan there and has cooled it. I have played about with in game settings and again, no joy. Updated my detonator's to the latest ones. No joy. In fact even worse.

So i sit there, try to re install the game from scratch. Same problems.

So i try re install windows. Format and running in 30 minutes. SP1 added 20 minutes later. Install the game, same problem. Serious head scratching going on at this point.....

Someone suggests sound card causing problems...

Take out my 5.1 use on board after enabling it.

same problem.

Anyhow, after numerous unistall re-install's, same problem exists. Try Unreal tourney 2003. Froze 2 seconds into gameplay starting.!!!


So i am at a loss.

My Spec's..

XP Pro with SP-1 on
Tried DX 8.1 and 9
GF4 MX440 40.72 detonators.
ECS K7S5A Board
1024mb SD 133mhz RaM
AC97 sound onboard and seperate 5.1 creative live card (no i am not using at the same time!)
80GB WEstern and Digital HD
A Open CD-RW
Ernemax 350 watt PSU (6 months old) Giving me readings at times that are (4.95 and 12.27)
3 case fan's, one blowing over graphics card.

  ©®@$ђ 16:42 17 Jun 2003

goto start run and type dxdiag and do the display and sound tests..see if it reports any problems

have your resolution the same as in the display settings in the game

  ulrich 16:44 17 Jun 2003

Which CPU do you have? I don't know what other games you have but your Graphics card might not be up to them, you seem to have plenty of everything else.

  Pilch.... 16:45 17 Jun 2003

i use 1024*768 in windows and 800*600 in game both at 16 bit

  Pilch.... 16:45 17 Jun 2003

An AMD 1700XP

  ©®@$ђ 16:51 17 Jun 2003

does it only crash on games! is it fully operational in everything else.

it seems you have tried allot of things i would have tried and now theres allot of head scratching going on.

when you re-installed windows how did you do it, did you install over the top of itself, or did you fully format and install a clean install, if so did you try the game before you used the service pack.

personally if i was you, i would remove the graphics card and reseat it. and maybe thinnk about trying another psu if you cannot fix say the graphics card got hot, i hope it hasnt damaged it, only way to prove if it is the graphics card is try another one..

life would be allot easier if you had some components you could replace just to rule out any hardware.

no changes to bios at any time, maybe disabling 4x or 8x mode in the bios for the graphics card

  Pilch.... 16:54 17 Jun 2003

Full format and re-install... gonig over the top i find create more problems!

it is annoying not having more components that i can test.

And SP one was done straight after install windows... and never been a problem before..

  Pilch.... 16:58 17 Jun 2003

I remember that it used to crash in a similar manner when i had a bog standard PSU that came with the case. But the ernemax one did cure it and being that i havent changed the hard ware since, only 2 new fans's, lost a CD drive, now the 5.1 card i cant seem to figure out why!

  Pilch.... 18:28 17 Jun 2003


  Ironman556 18:50 17 Jun 2003

Are you useing the SB Live card now or not? Try checking the IRQ for graphics is on its own.

I was told for a GeForce 4 to use a minimum of a 400W PSU. Maplins currently have Q-Tec PSU's for £30ish, I'm using onw, but I wouldn't swap one in over an enermax unless you have to.

Is there anything you can install from the Motherboard disc which may make a difference to the ports?

Your graphics should run the games fine, I know someone with a GF4 MX who runs UT2003, I've also been running it (just) on my 16mb Rage 128, so you shouldn't have a problem there.

The only other thing I could think of would to be taking the RAM modules out and trying them one by one.

  Ironman556 18:53 17 Jun 2003

Also try the older drivers, maybe somthing in the latest doesn't agree with somthing else.

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