crashes on boot-up

  londonstyler 13:21 25 Feb 2009


I have a problem with my Acer desktop running XP Prof that I thought I had remedied with a reinstall, but it seems not:

Upon booting up I got through to the desktop page where I got a message 'Error - The file or directory is corrupt & unreadable' and the PC just tried to reboot itself. The reboot process got worse so that it would'nt even allow a safe mode boot.

I formatted the HD and did a reinstall which seemed to clear up the problem but have just had the same error message occur and it has gone back into the boot-up loop.

Could this be the Hard-drive? Can it work fine for two weeks after the reinstall, just for the same problem to occur again?

Your thoughts would be much appreciated

  Graphicool1 13:50 25 Feb 2009

Have you tried checking the HDD with 'chkdisk'?

  londonstyler 14:01 25 Feb 2009

yep, done 5 stage chkdisk with no joy. I friend has also done a diagnostic on the HDD and can't find anything wrong.

  Graphicool1 14:15 25 Feb 2009

In that case what about the disk you're using to install from. Is it an original WinXP Pro disk or a copy? What condition is it in?

  londonstyler 14:23 25 Feb 2009

The Acer (1yr old) came with XP pre-installed, and the guy who did the re-install said that xp was partioned on the HDD for recovery purposes and used this.

  Graphicool1 14:49 25 Feb 2009

"the guy who did the re-install said that xp was partioned on the HDD for recovery purposes and used this."
So what are you saying, that 'the guy' just did a recovery on the same HDD or did he make a copy of WinXP to a separate disk or to another HDD.

  londonstyler 15:08 25 Feb 2009

he made a copy of xp on another HDD & re-installed

  Graphicool1 15:52 25 Feb 2009

When you got your PC with WinXP preinstalled didn't anyone tell you to make a back-up?

From the picture you paint it would seem that the original copy of WinXP on your system has been infected by a virus or trojan. When the guy clean installed a new HDD using Windows from your old drive, he was just bringing it with him and reinstalling it on the new drive. No help at all really.

If you paid that guy to fix your PC go back and tell him to finish the job. If it was just a mate doing you a 'favour' then there's nothing much you can say.

If it's only a year old, you must still have a Warranty? I suggest you put the original HDD back in and try to get them to sort it out.

  londonstyler 16:01 25 Feb 2009

that sounds like good advice. thanks for your help

  Graphicool1 11:15 26 Feb 2009

Don't forget to click on the 'Resolved' button. You can always come back and run a new thread. G1 :¬)

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