Crashed Mesh

  egretta 08:18 11 Jun 2004

Help! Our computer has suddenly developed a major problem. In the middle of a session the display suddenly crashed, producing only vertical bands of garbage - each screen is visible for about a second before swiching to another similar but different screen of garbage (dots, blocks of colour, numerals). Since this happened each attempt to reboot the machine produces the same effect until the computer goes into an endless cycle of stopping and trying to restart itself.
The computer is a Mesh desktop with Athlon XP 3000+ processor and 128mb Nvidia GEforce FX 5200 video card. The monitor is a mitsibushi diamond pro 930 and it works fine if I hook it up to my laptop. The computer is still under warranty but the Mesh helpline seemed to think that it was a software problem and that we should sort it out ourselves.
Any suggestions as to what may have caused this problem and, more importantly, what we can do to resolve it will be very gratefully received. The computer is used mainly for running Photoshop CS., MS Office 2003 plus scanners, e-mail and internet.

  rawprawn 08:27 11 Jun 2004

My friend has a Mesh, and I think if you press F11 on booting up you get three choices have you tried the one that say,s something like last known good configuration.Don't press the one that takes it back to factory settings or you will lose all your data. Sorry I can't be more specific but I am not at home right now.

  egretta 08:38 11 Jun 2004

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately there is no response when I press F11.

  johnnyrocker 08:41 11 Jun 2004

if xp try booting in to safe mode F8 during boot up and try system restore back to known good config


  georgemac 08:42 11 Jun 2004

try continually pressing f8 on startup to boot windows xp in safe mode - if it is a software problem it should start OK in safe mode as only the very minimum drivers etc are loaded to start xp

if they think it is a software problem - had you made any changes just prior to the problem?

if so and it starts in safe mode, you can use system restore to go back to a point where all was OK

  O-NO 08:43 11 Jun 2004

Try F10 for the options.

  egretta 06:54 14 Jun 2004

The suggestions from johnnyrocker, georgemac and O-NO have come tantalisingly close to providing a solution. F8 produces a screen that is legible apart from static vertical colour bars that exclude some text so I cant follow the instructions. It appears to say "Please select -oo- device" then lists floopy drive, cd/dvd drive and one other (cant make out device) then some instructions I cant make out including EN---R s-ec-bo- d--ic- E--T bo --u-ng ef--lt.
F10 appears to take me to the Mesh recovery wizard but again vertical bars obscure alot of text so I cant read the options. There appears to be a warning but I cant read it. Any advice?
No software was loaded very recently. We have nortonAV 2004 and update virus definitions regularly but could virus be cause?

  Faser 07:46 14 Jun 2004

It could be a failed or loose component. It is worth turning off PC removing side panel and earthing yourself and then make sure all the leads and cards are firmly in their sockets, especially the graphics card and hard drive. A badly fitted PCI card caused me loads of grief recently, despite working normally for 18 months!

Also try disconnecting all peripherals apart from monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Try loading your Norton anti-virus disc and rebooting (the tray should open long enough as the PC trys to start). Hopefully it will run and give the option to run a virus scan. You may need to change the boot order in the bios. Keep tapping the delete key as the PC boots and make cd drive 1st.

  georgemac 07:52 14 Jun 2004

looks like a graphics card problem. Cannot understand why Mesh think it is a software problem? They must have a reason - did they tell you?

I would be careful before going inside the box in case you invalidate he warranty - it could easily be a loose graphics card.

I would suggest calling mesh again, and asking if they approve of you taking the side panel off to check the graphics card is firmly seated - write down the name of the person you speak to. Also tell them what has happened when you have booted into safe mode and mesh recovery mode.

  O-NO 09:33 14 Jun 2004

Agree with georgemac, it would be a good idea to contact Mesh again.....

I am suprised that Mesh support have not replied to your post...maybe they will.

  Sans le Sou 22:10 14 Jun 2004

You have pressed F8 at the wrong time and got the boot options list. I have a Mesh and the timing is critical as to when you press F8. Try it when it says press F10. Mesh always blame software as "they never have any trouble with their computers" and you are an idiot.

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