Crash when opening picture folder

  Jonathan314159 22:31 28 Dec 2006

I have two specific folders which contain jpg files which crash on opening (or other programmes accessing them, except strangely Picassa). The first time this happened was a couple of years ago. I deleted the folder and lost the pictures. It has now happened again. The pictures aren't dodgy (!), just photos from my camera.

I doubleclick to open the folder, it opens and the files start to be recognised and the little icons appear, then the computer crashes. I've tried copying the entire folder to another drive and opening that - the same thing happened.

I'm running Windows XP SP2, the files have been modified in Photoshop Elements (the original version). Intel 2.4, 1GB RAM, plenty of space on the hard drive.

Generally my computer, although due to get its bus pass soon, is very stable. This problem really bothers me though as it means I could lose loads of photos.

On this second occasion I have "rescued" some of the photos using Picassa's export function. The folder these have been moved to is stable, although I haven't tried moving all the photos to see if it is single corrupt file which is causing the problem.

Any thoughts or solutions appreciated.

  eedcam 09:51 29 Dec 2006

Could you copy the folder to a CD to safeguard them first . Then at least you would'nt lose them . Then import to a new folder .Done a recent Defrag? Also to check if it is just the folder that is corrupt. Try search >pictures that'll open every Pic on your pc if that crashes its possibly the pc at fault.In which case a run through with something lie Ccleaner might sort things out

  Jonathan314159 10:34 29 Dec 2006

thanks I'll try these. Having Picassa this time is a great help as at least I have started to salvage pictures - it might point me to one that is corrupt.

Strangely the fault now seems to be intermittent - ie I got into the folder this morning but it subsequently crashed

Thanks again for advice

  john-232317 10:47 29 Dec 2006

If you think its a dodgy file, right click on the folder and it will give an option to scan it with an antivirus you have installed.

Once scanned then import the clean folder to Picasa.

  jack 11:17 29 Dec 2006

Create a new folder.
Pick a batch of images [ say 10 and transfer them- that is cut and paste] try to open that batch one at a time by direct clicking-using which ever editor is default that open it -or crash -If it crashed remove that image to another folder lets call it 'Dodgy Pix'
What this amounts to that one or more of the images has corrupted at some time, and trying to open it will bring the machine down.
Work you way through the collection like that.
Now go on line and Google up - PC Inspector or Bad Copy Pro- these are image rescue programs- and run the dodgy folder through- you may get lucky

  Jonathan314159 18:26 29 Dec 2006

Many thanks.

I think I have found the bad file. I have no idea why it got corrupted, cant see any viruses or anything. The big difference this time compared to last has been Picassa which allowed me to extract the files and pinpoint the bad one as jack suggested.

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