Crash issue

  dazza39 09:13 13 Mar 2006

Recently i got my son a PC for Christmas,however recently he's been having a problem in that any game he plays,after a couple of hours they crash and he has to re-boot again,what could be causing this?.i have done a Windows repair but it still does it,i think it might a Graphics card issue,he has a Club 3D 256Meg 6600LE PCI-Express installed.

  gudgulf 09:43 13 Mar 2006

What is the spec of the rest of the pc? it connected to the internet and if so how?

If it runs ok when gaming for a couple of hours at a time then it's unlikely to be overheating....but always worth checking that the graphics card and cpu fans are working/not clogged w1th dust.It's also worth checking that you have the latest drivers for the graphics card,motherboard chipset and soundcard installed.

Do you get any similar crashes if the pc is used with other programs over long time periods?

An example of a game that crashes along with the settings he uses (eg screen resolution ,high quality graphics setting,any other setting used) would help.

There are a number of applications available which will test your pc to the limit and weed out any errors but I would like to know more about the pc,games that crash and what happens when it does crash before we go further.

  dazza39 11:04 13 Mar 2006

Ok here's the rest of spec

AMD Seperon 3000
Socket 754 Asus Board KN8-E
1 Gig RAM DDR400
3D Geforce 6600LE 256Meg Graphics Card
17in Flat Screen Monitor
Window XP Home

Things checked
Virus/Spyware probs
Windows Repair
All latest drivers for card and Motherboard
Problem only happens in games,other functions ok ie,teamspeak,Email,Windows player etc..
Games affected,Rome Total War,Battlefeild 2,Dawn of War,RF Online.
He does use Graphics on max setting??,could be causing an issue.
PC is under gaurentee i think only had 3 months.

  gudgulf 11:54 13 Mar 2006

I wonder......the games you mention are quite demanding and the 6600le is not that powerful a graphics card.

It will be running flat out so maybe overheating could be an issue.

Is your son computer savvy.......could he be perhaps overclocking the graphics card?

If so try running at stock settings or if not try reducing the in game settings and see if that helps.

If the card can manage a couple oh hours before locking up then there isn't that much wrong with it.

Try running games with the side off the pc....if the problem goes away you need to improve cooling for the pc.....check that the wiring is not blocking airflow from the front of the pc to the graphics card area.If not fitted you could add a case fan at the back of the pc.Note that removing the side does disrupt the normal flow of air through the pc so do this as an experiment only.Put the side back on when you are done.

It might be worth running MemTest click here to check that the memory is working correctly.........if the memory is faulty it might not show up until the full 1GB is in use.....probably only when gaming.Let MemTest run for a few hours and it will identify any errors.

Another program to try is Prime95...install it as a Benchmark and run the "Tortutre Test".It will really give the whole pc except the graphics ca thorough workout click here

If the pc copes with both of those without error then it is down to the graphics card.

  dazza39 13:10 13 Mar 2006

I know he runs it at the maximum settings (graphics card),can't remember what those are 1214..something like that,that aside checking the games he has etc should be compatible with these card could be an overheating problem,will try above programs as well,as its under gaurentee,i have the shop where i bought it from coming in to collect and take back to workshop to test it,so that should be okay,and it won't cost anything either,he's only had 3 months.will post back.

  dazza39 13:43 15 Mar 2006


Shop ran a number of tests,no crashes occuring,did suggest he keep to the 1074x768 resolution on card,he did have set to maximum so maybe that was crashing his games,no overheating of componants either.So we'rll see when he gets it back.

  dazza39 11:53 16 Mar 2006

Well surprise,got back from workshop yesterday after being told there was nothing found and lo and behold same symptons again when my son tried to play games,not happy with shop,as its only 3 months old is shouldn't have problems,when he first got it at Christmas it was working ok,now we have this crash problem developing,personnly i still think its the graphic card degrading?,do things like that happen?don't know.

  woodchip 11:56 16 Mar 2006

Definitely Heat. ether CPU or Graphics

  dazza39 13:20 16 Mar 2006

Ummm,thanks woodchip will advise the shop of that and see what happens.

  gudgulf 13:32 16 Mar 2006

I dont suppose the shop will have run it for several hours at a time under intense gaming......more likely ran a few benchmarks and stress tests.

Just possibly the location of the pc base unit might play a it positioned where thewre is free access to cool air or mounted in a unit etc.

If there is not good air flow through the case then temperature inside will build up over time....if this is the caes the graphics card might well be reaching the point(under gaming conditions )where it overheats.

Have you tried with the case side off yet?

  dazza39 14:00 16 Mar 2006

Hi Gundalf

Haven't tried case off,but PC is on floor under a desk with plenty of room...i did some research on the net about the card he's got,maybe someone can explain but reading the specs the memory interface of the card is 128bit yet it says 256Meg??,now a 6800 has a memory interface of 256bit at 256Meg???,so maybe gaming is just to much at the 128bit speed.

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