Crash on hard drive access

  ragingmountain 17:26 01 Apr 2005

Have been having problems with my computer when it is accessing large amounts of data on the hard drive. Originally thought it was a hard drive problem so replaced the hard drive, but problem persists.

It only hapens when moving or accessig large filles, like moving 2Gb plus of data at a time or loading levels in half life 2. Or on verifying data after burning 4Gb to a dvd, burns fine, but on checking crash and restart (as its accessing HD alot).

The new drive is now my main drive now with the old one remoeved and is warm to touch but not hot after crashing, even added a HD cooler but no difference. System restarts cleanly after each crash. ie just blanks out during data read and re-starts.

I am begining to think its not a HD prob but a motherboard one, i am loathed to buy a ne mbo just to see as looking to upgrade anyway i a month or so.

I dont think it would be a power issue as is stable at all other times.

Specs are:
1.6GHz Athlon
Star Int Motherboard - not too sure
New 80Gb Maxor 133 16MB drive

If anyone could help you'd be a life saver, as stuck on what next step should be.


  ragingmountain 17:27 01 Apr 2005

Also runing Win 2K Pro Sp4

  jimv7 17:38 01 Apr 2005

I would look at the cpu or memory/psu, a faulty cpu or memory would causr these problems, as would a psu.

  jimv7 17:38 01 Apr 2005

I would look at the cpu or memory/psu, a faulty cpu or memory would cause these problems, as would a psu.

  DieSse 17:51 01 Apr 2005

You say - "crash" - and "blanks out" - can you describe in some more detail exactly what happens when it goes wrong.

  ragingmountain 18:09 01 Apr 2005

OK by crash what i'm meaning is that its like someones hit the restart buton, you're happly accessing HD then power down (blank screen) and into reboot straight away with no problems on restart.

And how could i/would i be able to check faulty CPU/memory, as surely burning a dvd would use more RAM than moving files with nothing running in background? And the same for PSU as dvd surely uses more extra power than moving data.


  TomJerry 18:21 01 Apr 2005

(1) faulty memory (some areas are faulty more specifically), you can test it by using memtest86 click here

(2) some sectors in HDD are faulty, you can test it using Matrox's HDD diagnostics software, you can download from its web site

(3) HDD is badly fragemented, run defragement and make sure boot partition has at least 25% free

(4) pagefile (virtual memeory) is badly fragemented, you can cure it by using pagedefrag click here

  ragingmountain 18:32 01 Apr 2005

will give all that a try over the weekend.

Was a clean install of win 2K on ne HD not that long ago and reguarly run defrag. So dont think it would be that. Will run page file to check that too.

Thanks for input please look back for my results.

  DieSse 20:03 01 Apr 2005

I've seen random restarts caused by software too - in particular a real pig to identify as a culprit was some out-of-date HP all-in-one software from a fairly old device. The problem started when the client reloaded the original software, overwriting a newer version.

To check this out, restart with most, or all of the automatic loaded software not loaded - and see what happens.

  ragingmountain 23:26 08 Apr 2005

Ruled out Hard Drive problems all together, and defrag problems.

While running memtest the application showed errors, but wasnt really sure what they all ment. But the application did crash, as before while running in DOS while doing some more of the advanced tests.

Ram is PC2100 DDR. Not sure what i can change it to to check if it is the RAM or not.

  DieSse 23:41 08 Apr 2005

Have you got one or two modules for the RAM - If two, try running with each one in turn.

OR try turning down the RAM speed in the BIOS.

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