Crackling sounds from soundcard.

  t.long 23:36 22 Sep 2005

I get crakiling noise from my soundcard, a Creative Soundblaster 24bit. I have tried head phones so I know its not the speakers, and I have tried uninstalling the drivers, so its not them. The noise effects all applications from games to music files. But seems most prevalent with the later.

So my question is this, is the sound card gone? Or can somthing be done to sort it?

  GaT7 23:51 22 Sep 2005

Go to click here & enter SID2538 in the box & press the search button.

More troubleshooting & optimising - as above, the solution ID is SID6516. Good luck, G

S - Sometimes posting direct links from the Creative K'base don't work - they time out (or similar), so one has to post these as I've done above.

  Chegs ® 02:03 23 Sep 2005

This is a regular problem with SB cards,there are numerous "patches" to supposedly sort it(if none of the Creative suggestions work)from a guy called "George Breeze" I used to have major probs with my SB in my previous motherboard,I tried everything I could to cure these hassles,but nothing sorted it,so it was duly installed into my daughters PC.When I bought a newer motherboard,I retrieved the card from Fraggles PC and installed it in this one(prepared for a return of previous probs)but it went off without a hitch.Seems its an "issue" with certain motherboard chipsets and the only guaranteed fix is to replace the board with a newer revision chipset.

  Stuartli 07:55 23 Sep 2005


click here

and (if you have a Via chipset):

click here

See the "PCI Latency" patch for VIA chipsets section.

  vinnyT 13:26 23 Sep 2005

Have you tried moving the sb card to a diff slot (if you have any free, that is)?

  t.long 15:36 25 Sep 2005

Well its not a Via chipset, so I guess the only thing to try is moving it to a new PCI slot. Its just weird that it only started playing up recently.

Maybe I can blame SP2 :).

  GaT7 16:01 25 Sep 2005

I hope it works in another PCI slot. If not, there are other things you could try - see the troubleshooting tips in the 2 Creative knowledgebase links I provided earlier. G

  citadel 16:46 25 Sep 2005

I would throw the card away and get an audigy 2 zs, this is excellent for music and games.

  CurlyWhirly 18:50 25 Sep 2005

I can also recommend the Audigy 2 ZS soundcard as I have recently upgraded from onboard sound.

I also used to have crackling sounds from both my Soundblaster Live! and Audigy 1 soundcards as I currently have a motherboard which uses the ViA chipset.

At the time I tried out the software patches that were posted in the above link but at the time they didn't work so I went back to onboard sound.

I took a gamble and bought the ZS as I had bought a Philips soundcard previously which caused me no end of problems with crashes while trying to install the soundcard drivers.

I took it back to PCW and swapped it for a ZS and haven't looked back since! :0)

  t.long 22:30 25 Sep 2005

Well, nothing much seemed to be helping. So I just thought I would switch PCI slots. So I do this and what do I see. Yes a Via chipset. How embarrasing [I built this machine myself]. Anyhow it all seems to be working well now. So I am going to tick the resolved thread. If I have any repearance of the cracklign I will follow the other advice given here.

So thanks guys, despite my follishness we got it sorted. Guess the Audigy 2 will have to wait.

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