Crackling and lagging after 24-30 hours

  Anthony1012 23:45 07 Mar 2015

Hello everyone,

I have this problem quite sometime but i didn't have time to try find a solution, so as the tittle informs here it is: when i let my pc run for something like 24-30 hours or so it starts lagging. The problem becomes even bigger when i am using browser, when i am listening to music and i am using browser, the crackling comes in play as well. Sometimes,if i also play games or something possibly "heavier" than just watching movies-music,tha same issue happens in 12-16 hours(not 12 hours gaming...i mean 12 hours while gaming 3-4 hours etc). I try to solve this restarting my pc but it didn't help,then i thought it may be cause of high temp but the temps were low enough to think that that's not the problem.(32-40C CPU GPU Motherboard) I build this pc in my own as a mid to low system , anyway can solve the system if i switch off my pc for something like 10-15 mins.

ASUS H61M-K BULK(Motherboard) Intel G2030(CPU) 2x2GB Mushkin 1333mhz(RAM) Nvidia GTX750(GPU) Coolermaster 550W the PSU(i don't remember the model) Excelstor J8160s(Hard drive)

The problem started the moment i purchased the items.(i had the hard drive from an older pc).

Just to inform you, i know it's not a big deal but i found the time so i thought let's see why this is happening :) I also have a it possible the on board sound driver occurs this kind of problem after all this non stop usage?(when my pc is on for 24-30 hours i just download movies or something like this most of the time) i understand that the clackling may be cause of the sound driver but what about the lagging? Thank you in advance!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:43 08 Mar 2015

Sounds like you are filling the hard drive with internet cache and leaving little room for virtual memory hence the lagging as it struggles to find space for temporary files.

  Anthony1012 13:28 08 Mar 2015

Well, that's not the matter i have already checked it out + i've already maximized my min virt memory so there could be no such matter.

  Anthony1012 15:12 19 Mar 2015

Any other suggestions?

  john bunyan 15:24 19 Mar 2015

Try a bit of sport or gardening! 3 -4 hours gaming seems OTT.

  Anthony1012 09:21 20 Mar 2015

well stated :) i will try it out... but still i would like to know why something like this happening :)

  Bris 11:09 20 Mar 2015

The symptoms you describe point to a hardware problem, specifically heat related as you find that when you power off and leave for 10 minutes the PC returns to normal.

This is not a temperature that you can measure by software and another clue is that when playing games it occurs earlier and this is because an already warm machine is being stressed and getting even warmer.

It could be due to a dry joint somewhere in the PSU, the motherboard or graphics card or perhaps an overstressed PSU.

Where is the crackling coming from? The speakers or maybe the PSU or a fan?

Another possibility is a dirty connection which is causing some minor arcing.

Faced with this problem I would reseat all connections to the motherboard headers and reseat the graphics card but leave the memory alone.

You dont specify the nature of the lag, is it a sync problem between the sound and vision or a lazy mouse for example. Any lag could be caused by some form of error correction taking place caused by the problem.

  Anthony1012 11:05 22 Mar 2015

Well, thank you for your response... i will try this as well. The crackling's coming from the speakers or headset... whatever i use at the time. Since yesterday i am using my headset in my monitor's audio plug in and the problem seems to have dissapeared...(hdmi connection for my monitor) My pc is almost 40 hours on and i don't have any lagg problems or the crackling one... i will try to stress it and see what's happening... any ideas why this is happening? To be honest i just wanted to test the volume of my monitor... I am very frustrated about this... cause i really have no idea how this is possible... any ideas how this is possible? i will try to stress and let you know about the results.

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